X-47 Pegasus BOII
A Lodestar in Cordis Die.
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Found in FOB Spectre
Cordis Die
Judgement Day
Used by United States of America
Cordis Die (hacked)
All mulitplayer teams
Weapons AGM-114 Hellfire

Rotary cannon

Status Active
For the similar aircraft in Modern Warfare 3, see MQ-9 Reaper.

The Lodestar is a vehicle and Scorestreak featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II that requires a score of 1500.


It acts similarly to the Reaper from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, though in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, the Lodestar can shoot an unlimited number of missiles with a 45 second time limit. The missiles travel faster and have a greater blast radius to compensate. This results in a more effective Scorestreak as it can kill more players in a shorter amount of time. This Scorestreak requires three lock-on launcher shots or Black Hat hits to destroy.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIEdit


Lodestar Menu Icon BOII


Unlocked at

Level 12


The Lodestar is first seen in the campaign in the Strike Force mission, FOB Spectre as part of the background scenery. Later in the campaign, Lodestars are seen in Odysseus, Cordis Die and Judgement Day where they are under the control of Raul Menendez and attack the USS Barack Obama, Los Angeles, Bejing and other numerous cities. After Menendez gives his speech in Judgement Day, he self-destructs the Lodestars and other drones.


This Scorestreak can easily control the map and can alter the course of the game greatly. The spawn protection in the game does not deter the missiles' damage and the enemies still show up in a bright color, just without the red squares. Although difficult to control, the Lodestar's missile can change course at the last minute if the Lodestar is locked onto by a launcher, to engage the offender.

As part of patch 1.06, the Lodestar's missiles travel slower and have a reduced blast radius.



  • The imaging camera is in infrared, rather than enhanced optics similar to other Scorestreaks.
  • While some briefing slides show that the Lodestar is supersonic, the specification slide on Vertigo states that it's subsonic.
  • A unused Lodestar can be found on the map Carrier.
    • Lodestars can be found around the map Drone.