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The Loki is a 15 pointstreak (14 with Hardline) in the Assault Strike Package featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Once obtained the player will control the Loki Satellite from the campaign. Players can shoot large rods that do high explosive damage, small rods that do less damage but have a faster reload time, drop Care Packages that give a random assault Pointstreak, and drop an AI controlled Assault Juggernaut; the Juggernaut can be directed where to go with the Loki pointstreak and will wander the map killing enemies. The small rod's kill radius is inside the small circle while the large rod's kill radius is inside the large circle. Because there is a slight delay between firing and a rod actually hitting the ground, it is advised to 'lead' the target and try to predict where they will be, especially when firing small rods. This can be difficult, however, as enemies might not always move toward the desired location, may run into a building, etc. This pointstreak features firepower similar to that of the AC-130 of games past and the ability to drop care packages to teammates like that of the Osprey Gunner in Modern Warfare 3. There is also a support variant called Odin.


Due to being a 15 or 14 Assault Pointstreak, the Loki can be very hard to obtain, especially for less skilled players. It is recommended to play objective gamemodes such as Blitz, Domination and Kill Confirmed. In these gamemodes, players can also earn points by collecting dog tags, securing flags, etc. Combined with kills, earning a Loki will be significantly easier. Recommended killstreaks to go with the Loki are Battle Hinds, Trinity Rockets, Maniac, Gryphon and Vulture.


  • The Loki can sometimes airdrop one of the special Field Order rewards, such as the K.E.M Strike, though it has to be a map exclusive reward.
  • Sometimes Loki kills appear as having been Odin kills in the killfeed.


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