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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

"Together with the Egyptian army and the civilian militia - Overthrow the NRC domination of Lotus Towers and secure the final target."
— Mission Briefing

"Lotus Towers" is the tenth (chronologically the eighth) level and the penultimate mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.



Level Briefing

Encryption #61-63-6B-75. Protocol: Yankee

Final target Taylor has been tracked to Lotus Towers

The weapons and equipment for the uprising have been transported to Egypt, Cairo

Active Mission - Day 7

Pre-Mission Scrolling Text

Scrolling Text
AAR INCOMING. WA FOB SAFEHOUSE-EGY. REPORT DESIGNATION: CO Juliet-Tango. Acting OIC: Juliet-Tango. LNO: Romeo-Kilo. AFTER ACTION MISSION REPORT: Classified WASF. SOCWA-A Eyes Only. Encryption #6-l-6-3-6-BRAV0-7-5. OPERATIONAL PROTOCOL: Infiltration & Termination. Target KIA: CDP Defector Mike-Sierra. Mission Status: CLOSED. Day: 7. At this time Target Dylan Stone's termination is confirmed. All additional confidential materials concerning the WA and CIA have been retrieved and secured. Operation #61-63-6B-75 has been confirmed as CLOSED at this time. Final Report. We picked up chatter suggesting that our final Target had been taken to Lotus Towers - a residential mega-structure now under the control of the NRC. Now acting as their Primary FOB for Operations in Cairo, the structure was well guarded and heavily protected. In concert with Egyptian Army Forces and civilian militia, our team infiltrated the Tower in pursuit of Target Stone. DA proved successful not just for our team but also for Egyptian Army Forces as well - striking a blow for their cause with the elimination of the NRC’s Primary Commander, General Hakim. NRC operations have been thrown into chaos, leading to large scale withdrawal of their forces in Cairo. Despite this victory, our allies suffered significant losses - most notably the capture of Lt. Khalil - our principal contact in Egyptian Army. Upon cornering Stone on the NRC VTOL Landing Pad at the top of Lotus Tower Two: we were involved in a major Might that resulted in significant damage to the surrounding structures. It was at this time that I was incapacitated after sustaining serious injuries. I was saved only by the intervention of Hendricks - who despite all his prior doubts was the one who finally terminated our target. After the operation, Hendricks requested transfer out of the wetworks unit - A request that I fully understand given what he's been through. I have written a letter of recommendation: stating that it’s been an honor to train under him, work with him and learn from him. Regarding my own reassignment, the extent of my injuries required urgent non-consensual surgical reconstruction and cybernetic augmentation at our Zurich Facility. Following a successful period of rehabilitation and physiotherapy -1 was offered a chance to join an experimental program - the newly formed Winslow Accord Black Cyber Ops unit. Personal Comment: My relationship with our former LNO Rachel Kane is over. Our fundamental disagreements about our respective futures in the military closed the door to any future we might have had. It may not have worked out, but I have no doubt that I have made the right decision. I look forward to continuing to serve my country and her Allies. Taylor Out.


Inside a room within the Lotus Towers, Khalil talks to Hendricks and the Player about his plans for the Cairo uprisings in order to dethrone the NRC general Hakim and take back Cairo.

Shortly after, they ambush a group of NRC riot troopers, most of whom are being attacked and executed by the citizens of Cairo. Immediately afterwards, the Player publicly assassinates Hakim in the middle of a speech, throwing his corpse over the balcony and further provoking the uprising. 

Hendricks, Khalil, and the Player work their way through NRC soldiers into a control room assumed to be leading to the whereabouts of Taylor, who remains in an eerily calm state despite his capture. 

The Player and Hendricks are assisted by Khaili's forces through most of the tower and eventually encounter Taylor, who has multiple Grunts under his control. Taylor escapes and sends several suicidal Grunts towards the duo, who scale the top of the tower.

The Player leaves Hendricks and ascends to the top of the towers, where Taylor has remotely piloted a Mothership to attack the Player. After the ship is defeated, Taylor confronts a pinned-down Player. Taylor momentarily comes to his senses and carves his own DNI out of his skull, only to be executed by the now Corvus-infected Hendricks, who steals the Mothership and charts a course to the Coalescence Corporation HQ in Zürich, Switzerland with the intentions of killing Sebastian Krueger.


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  • Untouched: Complete this mission without dying.
  • Score: Complete this mission with a score of 22,500 or higher.
  • Got 'em: Find all of the collectibles in the mission.
  • Hold It: Destroy ten charging robots before they detonate.
  • Rolling Death: Kill ten enemies using R.A.P.S.
  • Grounded: Kill a robot when it is in mid-air.
  • Other Ways: Kill twelve NRC riot shield soldiers without using bullets.
  • Crowded AO: Complete this mission without killing any civilians.
  • Killswitch: Kill seven robots as they are powering on.
  • Stun and Gun: Kill five disabled robots in under five seconds.
  • Mob Justice: Put seven NRC soldiers who are under attack out of their misery.
  • Minute Waltz: Take out the Mothership in less than two minutes.
  • Skeet Shoot: Eliminate three R.A.P.S. launched from the Mothership before they can land.
  • Mini-Tank!: Kill five robots with a Cerberus.
  • Triple Threat: Bring down a Mothership using a Minigun, an XM-53 and another weapon.
  • Nopenopenope!: Take no damage from missiles fired by the Mothership.

Weapon Loadout

Field Ops Kit
Found in level





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  • Several M27s can be found in some crates after killing Hakim. However, they cannot be used by the Player.
  • As the mission goes on, the background starts to corrupt as several copies of the the Lotus Towers begin to appear as the other buildings begin to disappear and, by the end of the mission, the entire city background is upside-down with the only thing on the ground being the Lotus Towers (and its copies) with no ground surrounding it.
    • In addition, there's a large amount of VTOL's flying around in circles.
  • There are several generators around the level that, on their display, state that they create 1.21 GW of power; this is a reference to the film series "Back to the Future".