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For the song, see Loyalists (Song).
Gaz: "Loyalists, eh? Are those the good Russians or the bad Russians?"
Price: "Well, they won't shoot us on sight, if that's what you're asking."
— Gaz and Price in "Blackout".

The Loyalists (Rus. лоялисты) are the military forces who remain loyal to the established Russian Federal government. This term is often used to distinguish between two military forces of the same nationality, particularly during a civil war or revolution in a nation. It is to note that during the events of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 all of Russia is at war with the U.S. upon being misled by the airport terrorist attack in "No Russian" and thus the bulk of enemies are Russian Federation Troops, however, since the Ultranationalists won the fierce civil war in between Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, these troops are only those in favor of the Ultranationalists and their ideals, not the Loyalists. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the Loyalists are a faction based in Northern India, presumably having fled there after the Ultranationalists took over.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare & Modern Warfare Remastered

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's single player campaign features Russian Loyalists who are fighting Ultranationalists, a paramilitary force in opposition to the established government of the Russian Federation. The Loyalist forces also include special purpose regiment forces called Spetsnaz (Russian for "special forces"). In the single player campaign, the player fights alongside Loyalist forces throughout the game when playing as "Soap" MacTavish of the SAS who helps the loyalists throughout the game. Sergeant Kamarov is the leader of the Russian Loyalist unit that the player fights alongside. The Russian Loyalists appear to be more well-equipped than the Ultranationalists, but for the most part use the same weapons such as AK-47's, AK-74u's, RPD's, Dragunov's and RPG-7's, however, they also use G36C rifles and M9 pistols. Both the Russian Loyalists and Ultranationalists have armor and air support in the form of BMP-2's, T-72's, Mi-24 Hind's and Mi-28 Havoc's. The Loyalists are dressed in Gray uniforms and wear black ZSH-1 helmets equipped with night-vision goggles or Russian ushankas. Russian Loyalists are featured in the single player levels such as "Blackout", "Safehouse", "Sins Of The Father" and "Game Over".

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Sometime between the events of the two games, the central government fell to the Ultranationalists. According to Soap MacTavish during the briefing of The Gulag, he mentions that the prison contains the losers from the last war, "...which I swore I thought we'd won." The game features conventional Ultranationalist troops and Spetsnaz units, which are part of the vast Russian invasion that devastates the United States and are playable in Multiplayer. They mobilize BTR-80 APC's, and Mi-28 Havoc's and use a mix of new and old equipment, while making limited use of Russian firearms. According to a newspaper found in Makarov's safe-house in Loose Ends, it stated that the Loyalist government was backed by the United States.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

"Beyond the jagged edges of war, there were still Russians who rejected Makarov's lunacy. Men willing to stand against the tide."
— Price, in the opening cutscene to Persona Non Grata.

Yuri, a Russian Loyalist

In Modern Warfare 3, the Loyalists are once again seen, but this time as a independent military faction stationed in Northern India, where they probably fled after the Ultranationalists gained control of Russia. To generate funds as well as means to survive they operated as a Private Military Company. When Nikolai rescues Price and Soap at the end of the previous game, he takes them to the Loyalist safehouse in India. Loyalist soldiers also appear as allies in the mission Persona Non Grata and Return to Sender. After the war between the United States, Russia and NATO ended, President Vorshevsky started to reconcile with the Loyalists, assuring them that their safety was guaranteed and offering them some key positions for prominent members in the newly established Ultranationalist-Loyalist coalition government. His assurance allowed the Loyalists to safely return to Russia which strengthened the revived friendship and peace between the United States, Russia and NATO with the new Ultranationalist-Loyalist government.


The Loyalists use combat equipment that is of comparable or better quality than their Ultranationalist enemies'. One main difference between the Loyalists and the Ultranationalists is the fact that the Loyalists seem to have a standard uniform that is blue in color; as opposed to the Ultranationalists, whose units use varied uniforms. The Loyalists also make use of night vision goggles and monoculars, which have not been widely seen used by the Ultranationalists, as well as combat helmets. Some of them, like Kamarov, chose to not wear body armor and instead simply use load bearing vests.

In Modern Warfare 3 their appearance greatly changes after their defeat by the Ultranationalists. Instead of looking like a professional army like they once were, Loyalists had to adopt a PMC look in terms of tactical clothing and gear. Because body armor and Kevlar vests are expensive Loyalist troops make due with simple tactical vests, chest rigs and load bearing gear. In terms of vehicles the Loyalists have some Jeep Wranglers at their disposal as well as a UGV. All this would seal these exiled Loyalists as soldiers with no country to call their own.



Loyalists (Modern Warfare 3)


Known Members

  • Nikolai
  • Yuri
  • The Doctor
  • Sgt. Kamarov (Кaмаров)
  • Ivan Afanasyev (Иван Афанасьев)
  • Volodya Andropov (Володя Андропов)
  • Petya Avagimov (Петя Авагимов)
  • Dimitri Bondarenko (Дмитрий Бондаренко)
  • Vladimir Brezhnev (Владимир Брежнев)
  • Vladimir Brezhov (Владимир Брежов)
  • Pyotr Bulganin (Пётр Булганин)
  • Vanya Chernogolov (Ваня Черноголов)
  • Dima Chernyshenko (Дима Чернышенко)
  • Pyotr Demchenko (Пётр Демченко)
  • Vanya Gerasimov (Ваня Герасимов)
  • Kostya Golubev (Костя Голубев)
  • Kostya Gridin (Костя Гридин)
  • Yakov Gushenko (Яков Гушенко)
  • Sasha Ivanov (Саша Иванов)
  • Anatoly Ivashenko (Анатолий Ивашенко)
  • Nikolai Kalinin (Николай Калинин)
  • Yuri Kiselev (Юрий Киселев)
  • Oleg Kosygin (Олег Косыгин)
  • Viktor Kuznetsov (Виктор Кузнецов)
  • Konstantin Lebedev (Константин Лебедев)
  • Ivan Lukin (Иван Лукин)
  • Petya Malenkov (Петя Маленков)
  • Borya Mikoyan (Боря Микоян)
  • Misha Mishajashvili (Миша Мишаджашвили)
  • Alyosha Murzaev (Алёша Мурзаев)
  • Yuri Nikitin (Юрий Никитин)
  • Dmitri Petrenko (Дми́трий Петренко) (name as an Easter Egg)
  • Konstantin Petrov (Константин Петров)
  • Aleksandr Rykov (Александр Рыков)
  • Boris Ryzhkov (Борис Рыжков)
  • Vladimir Sabgaida (Владимир Сабгайда)
  • Volodya Sarayev (Володя Сараев)
  • Sasha Semenov (Саша Семенов)
  • Borya Shapovalov (Боря Шаповалов)
  • Sergei Shkuratov (Сергей Шкуратов)
  • Kolya Shvernik (Коля Шверник)
  • Oleg Stepanoshvili (Олег Степаношвили)
  • Alyosha Tarkovsky (Алёша Тарковский)
  • Dima Tikhonov (Дима Тихонов)
  • Nikolai Turdyev (Николай Турдев)
  • Aleksei Ulyanov (Алексей Ульянов)
  • Aleksandr Vasilev (Александр Василёв)
  • Mikhail Voronov (Михаил Воронов)
  • Anatoly Voroshilov (Анатолий Ворошилов)
  • Aleksei Vyshinskiy (Алексей Вышинский)
  • Viktor Yakimenko (Виктор Якименко)
  • Mikhail Zhuravlev (Михаил Журавлев)

Known Members from Modern Warfare 3

  • Blaha (Блага)
  • Blazek (Блазек)
  • Blumel (Блумель)
  • Doležal (Долежал)
  • Dusek (Дусек)
  • Fišer (Фишер)
  • Hruška (Грушка)
  • Janda (Янда)
  • Kaldec (Кадлец)
  • Kohout (Когоут)
  • Kolar (Колар)
  • Kopecký (Копецкий)
  • Križ (Криж)
  • Maly (Малый)
  • Mareš (Мареш)
  • Mašek (Машек)
  • Matoušek (Матоушек)
  • Moravec (Моравец)
  • Mueller (Мюллер)
  • Polak (Полак)
  • Pospíšil (Поспишил)
  • Říha (Ржига)
  • Sedláček (Седлачек)
  • Simek (Симек)
  • Šmid (Шмид)
  • Soukup (Соукуп)
  • Šťastný (Штястный)
  • Štepánek (Штепанек)
  • Strnad (Стрнад)
  • Sykora (Сикора)
  • Tichy (Тихий)
  • Tuma (Тума)
  • Vacek (Вацек)
  • Vanek (Ванек)
  • Vlček (Влчек)


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


  • As seen in some trailers of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, there was going to be a mission or a number of missions where the player would get to play as a Loyalist fighting the Ultranationalists. One trailer featured the player escorting a tank while fighting off Ultranationalists.
  • Even though loyalists are a Russian faction, in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 they share a name pool with the Czech Resistance.
  • Some of the loyalists in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare have ushankas with the Hammer and Sickle emblem on them instead of the Russian Federation flag.