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"The rigid hierarchy of Allied command would look at Lucas and see only character flaws. Insubordinate. Churlish. No stranger to a prison cell. He was perfect for my team."
Arthur Kingsley

Second Lieutenant Lucas Riggs is one of the four playable protagonists and Operator featured in Call of Duty: Vanguard.


Lucas Riggs prefers actions over words, and although his personality is far from explosive, his method of dealing with threats is highly combustible.

A child of sheep farmers just outside Melbourne, Australia, Riggs worked with his family to tend the herd and collect wool. When World War II began, he didn’t hesitate to sign up before conscription was even implemented. He was ready to see more of the world and fight a greater evil than the occasional petty mobster in his area.

Riggs can be described as an enigma – he would not take offense to this distinction, as he understands people just as much as others understand him.

To his allies, Riggs is a gentle giant, often being the life of the party, but not one to seek the spotlight. To his enemies, Riggs is an intimidating and brutal warrior of honor. He stands up to wrongdoers and those who start conflicts with blunt force, ironically done via his specialty within the Australian Army: explosives.

Ultimately, Riggs is the definition of passion within a soldier. Valuing his fellow squad mates and country above all else, he wants to show the world what Australians are made of.


He was initially introduced in Tobruk, as part of the Australian contingent, labelled Rats. He was with a squad consisting of Lieutenant Robert Jacobs, Private Des Wilmot and led by Major Henry Hamms.

They were tasked in ambushing a Nazi supply line in Tobruk in 1941. The team laid out explosives, but when the convoy passed, Hamms took the detonator, causing a premature detonation, then blamed him for the failure. They fought through the remaining forces, then secured the convoy. A German soldier tried to stab him, but Bluey were stabbed instead, prompting the trio to chase the escaping Germans. They ended up the chase on an uncharted area, where they spotted an outpost. They fought through it and got German Intel, including Hermann Freisinger and Erwin Rommel, and some updated maps. They then goes to another German depot not included in their maps. They dodged the many German patrols, until they reached the place. They destroyed both the armouries, and the tanks under repair. Then, he was tasked to shoot down a Stuka plane. They leave the area. But the reward for the 2 Australian Rats were arrest for insubordination on their officer Jacobs.

Later on, in El Alamein, they were advancing through the field, when they were ambushed by Nazi positions. The group suffered casualties just to regroup. Hamms commanded the group to hold position while waiting for air support, while both Lucas and Des disregarded their superior's command, and went to destroy the flak emplacements in the hill. The duo fought their way to the position, and held the line against a German counterattack. Des was killed at the last second, until the planes bombard the enemy positions. The Aussies tried to raise the Australian flag on the hill, but Hamms disregarded it, and wants a British flag to be raised instead. As a final insubordination, he assaulted Hamms. He was dragged out of the area.

Later on, he joined the Vanguard, fighting through the Nazis and foiled the Phoenix program. He was tasked to bomb the tanks. And followed the group to capture Hermann Freisinger.


As a demolitions expert, he can stack 4 lethal throwables.



Name Rarity Image How to obtain
Gumnut Base Lucas Gumnut VG.png Multiplayer: Get 100 Hipfire Kills.
Zombies: Use SMGs to Eliminate 50 Boom-Schreiers.
Bushranger Common Lucas Bushranger VG.png Operator Level 10
Victor Bravo Common Lucas Victor Bravo VG.png Operator Level 20
39ER Rare Lucas 39ER VG.png Reach Max Level with All Operators in the Barbarian Unit
CDL - Home Rare
CDL - Away Rare
Dapper Denim Rare
Lamington Epic Lucas Lamington VG.png Reach Max Level with All Operators in 4 Units
Tooled Up Epic
Shepard Epic Lucas Shepard VG.png Task Force One Pack (Ultimate Edition Bonus)
Barrier Reef Legendary


Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Bugger Off Common "Bugger off!"
Operator Level 2
24 Karat Dickhead Common "You look like a 24 karat dickhead!"
Operator Level 14

Finishing Moves

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Rack It Base RackIt FinishingMove Lucas CODV.gif Default universal Finishing Move
Hammered Common Operator Level 17
Universal Finishing Moves

Highlight Intros

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Press Check Base PressCheck HighlightIntro Lucas CODV.gif Default universal intro
Showboat Rare Operator Level 15
Play To The Crowd Rare
Universal Highlight Intros

MVP Hightlights

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Pistol-Whip Base PistolWhip MVPHighlight Lucas CODV.gif Default universal MVP highlight
Heavy Handed Common Operator Level 5
Universal MVP Highlights

Call of Duty: Mobile

Riggs can be unlocked for Call of Duty: Mobile as a playable character for free by logging in-game from November 5, 2021 until December 16, 2021. [1]