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The Lunar Lander is a utility that appears in the zombies map Ascension. It takes players from a launch pad on the map back to the centrifuge while letting them shoot zombies below. It costs 250 points to use and can be called to a certain landing spot. They are labeled Б (B), Д (D), Ф (F).

As a part of Ultimis Richtofen's deal with the Soviets, a lunar lander was placed in Kino Der Toten, which the Ultimis crew used to get from Kino Der Toten to Ascension, hence the crew enters the map via a lunar lander.


The Eagle has Landers (35 Gamerscore.png/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Use all three Lunar Landers.

Space Race (45 Gamerscore.png/ Silver Trophy Silver Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Pack-a-Punch a weapon before round 8.


  • If a zombie crawler is left under the landing pad when it lands, sometimes instead of instantly killing it, it will not only die but will respawn another new zombie (not a crawler) near the centrifuge.
  • Using all three landing pads by purchasing them (not calling them from the centrifuge) lets the player launch the rocket, which grants access to the Pack-a-Punch Machine.
  • If calling a lunar lander, when landed, it has to cool down, and this takes five seconds. If used, it has to refuel, and this takes two minutes. Also, if calling it and there's a player on it, the lunar lander has to refuel.
  • The players can down themselves if they call in a lander at an empty station and stand directly beneath the incoming Lander.
  • Although the player can shoot at zombies while riding a Lander, trying to shoot below the railings may cause a green "friendly" cross-hair to become active.
  • Also, if a player is downed near the Lander, and it is activated by another, the downed player will "warp" on top of it.
  • There is a crashed Lunar Lander by the landing pad near Stamin-Up that has a mystery box spawn point next to it.
  • Takeo seems to like the Lunar Lander. In Shangri-La, when he spots the Mine Cart he will say "Hmph, it is no Lunar Lander, but it will suffice."
  • When a player activates a lander when a zombie is in it the zombie will be unable to attack the player and burst into fire.
  • When activated zombies will lose their balance and fall on their backs.
  • There are broken pieces of landers found as part of certain barriers in Shangri La.