For the SAS soldier, see Luyties (British).
"Hear that outside? You should all surrender now. Get your damn hands off me! Sons of a bitches!"
— Luyties to his captors moments before execution

Private Luyties was a member of the Marine Raiders and part of the rescue team that was sent to Makin Atoll. He was later executed by his captors during the retreat.

Shortly after Sgt. Sullivan's squad freed Privates Miller and Cook, Luyties's captors shot him in the head with an Arisaka while the group of Americans were advancing on the hut.



  • In the hut where he is executed, there are a large amount of Thompson submachine guns and M1 Garand rifles.
  • With reduced graphic content, the player cannot see Luyties be executed but he can still be heard talking.


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