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For the helicopter in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, see Lynx (vehicle).

The Lynx, or GM6 as referred to within the game files, is a high-power, bullpup sniper rifle that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. It is also used in the Helo Scout pointstreak in Ghosts.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

"Semi-automatic. Lower mobility, deadly from the knee up through center mass."
— Description.


The Lynx is the Ghosts' primary weapon in "Clockwork". It can also be found in "End of the Line", and it is used as well by enemy snipers in "Sin City".


The Lynx costs eight Squad Points to unlock.

Damage wise, the Lynx is among the best sniper rifles on offer, tied with the L115. The Lynx deals a base damage of 98 with each bullet. The Lynx does fifty percent extra damage on a headshot, and deals ten percent extra damage on shots to the neck, torso, and thighs. The Lynx only gets hitmarkers when striking the arms and below the kneecaps. The Lynx's one shot kill area is enormous, and it makes the Lynx a very easy weapon to rely on for one shot kills when the user's aim is true. The Lynx has high penetration power. Although the Lynx retains most of its damage when shooting through walls, one shot kills should not be expected.

The Lynx's fire rate is decent for a sniper rifle. It is semi-automatic, and has a firecap of 300 RPM. This is 25% slower than other semi-automatic sniper rifles, but the Lynx more than makes up for that by having far superior one shot kill area compared to those sniper rifles.

The Lynx's main weakness is its accuracy. The Lynx's scope is considered very undesirable due to its bulk and small viewing lens. The Lynx's recoil per shot is among the largest on all sniper rifles as well. The Lynx kicks up and to the right with every shot at very high intensity. Follow-up shots almost always need to be delayed if necessary to allow the Lynx's recoil to settle. The Lynx's centerspeed value of 650 may be a tad higher than the bolt action sniper rifles, but it badly hurts the Lynx by severely limiting the rate at which the user can fire while maintaining control of the weapon. Unless the user is consistently only needing one shot to dispatch enemies, this will come to haunt users of the Lynx. To make matters worse in the accuracy stakes, the Lynx has the highest amount of idle sway of all sniper rifles. The Lynx is a very inaccurate weapon all-around. Like other sniper rifles, the Lynx's recoil reduces when in a crouching or prone position, and from these positions, users can make much better use of the Lynx's semi-automatic capabilities.

Another weakness of the Lynx are its handling characteristics, as the Lynx is the most sluggish handling sniper rifle overall. The Lynx restricts users to a paltry eighty percent of the base movement speed when equipped, and restricts users to 32% of the base movement speed when strafing. The Lynx takes 500 milliseconds to aim down the sights, and the Lynx's hip-fire accuracy, like with all other sniper rifles, is atrocious. The Lynx's reload speeds are by far the worst of any sniper rifle. The Lynx's reload animation is a staggering 4.56 seconds long, or 5.1 seconds long if the magazine is completely empty. In either case, the user can Reload Cancel after 2.6 seconds. Although reload cancelling is extremely beneficial on the Lynx, the Lynx still easily has the worst reload speeds in its class, as every other sniper rifle can reload at least thirteen percent faster, and for users that don't regularly reload cancel, the reload animations are obscenely long. In all handling aspects, the Lynx is either the worst or tied for the worst among all sniper rifles. Overall, the Lynx is extremely sluggish, and it makes the weapon very ill-equipped for aggressive usage.

There is a very noticeable delay before the Lynx is automatically reloaded when empty if the player is aiming down the scope. This trait is shared with the VKS, albeit at a shorter delay. This can easily be mitigated by exiting the scope as quickly as possible to allow the reload to start, or simply by pressing the reload button.

The Lynx's magazine capacity is a positive aspect of the weapon, as the Lynx holds eight rounds in each magazine. This is one of the larger magazine capacities among sniper rifles, and it gives the Lynx an above average starting ammo loadout of 24 rounds.

The Lynx has the standard assortment of attachments available to a sniper rifle.

The ACOG Scope is a terrible choice on the Lynx, as the ACOG Scope makes the Lynx far less accurate for little benefit. The Lynx is also among the worst sniper rifles to use aggressively, which is where the ACOG Scope is meant to be used on a sniper rifle.

The Thermal Scope is a very popular and common choice on the Lynx. Not only is the Thermal Scope a much cleaner scope than the Lynx's default scope, but it will highlight enemies white hot on the battlefield that are not using Incog. Just for the visual upgrade alone, the attachment is worth it, but the Thermal Scope can also help greatly with target spotting and acquisition.

The Variable Zoom gives three different zoom levels to the Lynx's default scope. Seeing that the Lynx's default scope is very bulky and the viewing area of the scope is small, Variable Zoom is not a great choice on the Lynx.

The Silencer is not a great choice on the Lynx, as the Lynx loses its ability to get a one shot kill to the thighs and lower torso. All sniper rifles in multiplayer with the Silencer attachment equipped have the same one shot kill area, leaving the Lynx inferior to the Maverick-A2 in this regard, as the Maverick-A2 handles significantly better and has far better accuracy while having the same lethality with a Silencer equipped.

Chrome Lined is a mixed bag on the Lynx. It gives the Lynx body multipliers to parts of the arms and below the left kneecap, while also increasing the damage multiplier of preexisting one shot kill zones. However, the Lynx loses the ability to get a one shot kill to the right thigh area, and the Lynx's idle sway amount, idle sway speed, recoil per shot, and centerspeed are all made worse. All sniper rifles that can equip Chrome Lined have equally sized one shot kill areas, so again, the Maverick-A2 is a better fit for the attachment. Part of the Lynx's appeal is that it essentially has some of the effects of Chrome Lined built into its one shot kill profile. However, some will value the increased overall one shot kill area above all else. When an enemy is crouching and facing the user, any part of the body which the user cannot get a one shot kill with a Lynx with Chrome Lined equipped is obscured from the user's view.

As neither of the barrel attachments are valuable on the Lynx since the Maverick-A2 makes better use of those, the mod attachment group is one of the most important attachment groups for the Lynx.

Extended Mags increases the Lynx's magazine capacity to twelve rounds and the starting ammo loadout to 36 rounds. The attachment has no penalty and provides tangible upsides. Extended Mags can be quite valuable on the Lynx as it will allow the user to sustain combat for far longer before needing to perform a very slow reload.

Armor-Piercing will allow the Lynx's bullets to ignore the effects of Ballistic Vests and mostly nullify the effect of Juggernaut armor, making the Lynx much more consistent at getting one shot kills to those areas. The Lynx is more than capable of putting up a follow-up shot against these targets if need be, but improving the consistency of one shot kills is welcome.

Overall, the Lynx is an odd weapon that is pigeon holed in its role. Although it has enormous one shot kill potential and a great fire rate relative to its damage, the Lynx is bogged down significantly in most other facets. It is an inaccurate sniper rifle that makes it tougher for users to land their shots, be it single shots or multiple shots in quick succession. Although the Lynx is capable of semi-automatic fire, that semi-automatic fire often needs to be tightly regulated by the user in order to keep the Lynx on target. The Lynx's bad handling also makes the weapon a terrible choice for aggressive usage. The Lynx is meant to be fired from an entrenched position, where the bad handling is of less consequence. The Lynx benefits severely from firing in a crouched or prone position, as it will allow the user to place follow-up shots - when necessary - much more quickly thanks to the reduced recoil. The Lynx's main draw is that it does not need Chrome Lined to have a large one shot kill area compared to the USR and Maverick-A2, which are incapable of getting one shot kills to the thighs by default. Although other sniper rifles can use Chrome Lined to surpass the Lynx's one shot kill area, they do so at the expense of an attachment slot.

Helo Scout

The Lynx is featured in the Helo Scout gunstreak, and has many statistics different than those of a regular Lynx. This Lynx has only half the magazine capacity, at a meager four rounds. However, this Lynx will always earn a one-shot kill when hitting standard enemies. The recoil is very minimal as well, contrary to the regular Lynx, which drastically pulls up with each shot. Furthermore, it has a faster ADS time of 0.4 seconds compared to the standard Lynx's 0.5 seconds. This gunstreak can also be used in conjunction with a Juggernaut (most commonly Juggernaut Recon), allowing for them to become a "Juggernaut Sniper". Getting kills with this gunstreak is the only way to get patches such as "The Long Kiss Goodnight".


Unlike most weapons in Safeguard mode, the Lynx isn't available via support drop crates; instead it is used exclusively in the Helo Scout reward. It retains its ability to kill in one shot, even against Destructors.






For attachment images, see Lynx (weapon)/Attachments.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


The Lynx returns in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It can be picked up from the initial start area in the mission "Throttle".


Compared to its previous iteration, the Lynx causes significantly less damage than before. It can only achieve one-shot kills via headshots. Equipping a Suppressor will have little effect on the damage. The Lynx has much higher stability than the MORS and a higher rate of fire, the recoil was made more manageable with the March 11th, 2015 patch. Additionally, crouching and proning reduce the kick, with the latter almost having no recoil when fired. The ACOG Scope and Iron Sights can turn the Lynx into a battle rifle and make better use of the high firing rate, though actual sniping will be much more problematic.


Supply Drop Variants

Name Rarity Advantages Disadvantages Notes
13 Twist Enlisted Idle Amount -20%/Speed -7% Fire Rate: 375 RPM
Improved Action Enlisted Fire Rate: 428 RPM Sprint-Out time -10%
Slung Enlisted Movement Speed: 91.8% Fire Rate: 375 RPM
Flared Enlisted Sprint-Out time: −10% Magazine Capacity: 7 rounds
Variable Professional Idle Amount +40%/Speed +33% Integrated Variable Zoom
Quarterback Professional Idle Amount -28%/Speed -13% Fire Rate: 375 RPM
Sprint-Out time: +10%
Combatant Professional Sprint-Out time: -20% Idle Amount +40%/Speed +33%
Tack-Driver Elite Idle Speed -33% Fire Rate: 375 RPM
Sprint-Out time: +10%
Medium penetration
Kingpin Elite Idle Amount +20%/Speed +7% Integrated Parabolic Microphone
In-game stats erroneously state Damage -1
Royalty Elite (Same advantages/disadvantages as Tack-Driver)
Snake Oil Permanent (Unlocked at 300 kills) Sprint-Out time: -20% Fire Rate: 375 RPM
Movement speed: 88.2%

Exo Zombies

In Exo Zombies, the Lynx is the only sniper rifle available, acquired through the 3D Printer. It is a one-hit-kill in the early rounds, but past round 15 it loses its one-hit-kill ability to body shots. It gains an ACOG Scope when upgraded to Mk 4 and at Mk 10 Extended Mags, giving the Lynx 12 rounds in the magazine and increasing the spare ammo to 72 rounds.

Due to its low magazine capacity and long reload time, the Lynx is not a great primary weapon to use in Exo Zombies. However, its high damage per shot (especially when upgraded) make it a good weapon as it has a one-hit kill capacity. Exo Reload is a good exo upgrade to use with it as it allows the player to reload faster.


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  • The Lynx has a reciprocating barrel.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

  • The Lynx's serial number is 4007452.
  • On the side of the weapon, "Guarding Angel" can be seen written in a peace symbol with wings.
  • "Black Hill H Point" is written on the magazine.
  • The Lynx had a different reticle before the game's release.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • The Quarterback variant was previously miscolored in third person, having a yellow and blue color scheme, while appearing in olive drab in first person and in the menu. This was later patched so the third person view is also olive.
  • "Leopard GM6" can be see on the left side of the gun; its size, positioning, and font varies between variants.