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For the semi-automatic variant, see M1 Carbine.
For a similarly named lever-action rifle, see MK2 Carbine.

"The M2 Carbine rifle is a fully automatic version of the M1A1. It's deadly accurate and offers a 3 shot kill at the cost of effectiveness at closer ranges."
— Description

The M2 Carbine is an automatic rifle that was added to Call of Duty: WWII as part of the Blitzkrieg event on April 17th, 2018. it is the fully automatic variant of M1A1 Carbine.

Nazi ZombiesEdit

The M2 carbine can be obtained from the Mystery box in all of the current maps. in Tortured Path, it may appear in the Starting Weapon and Assault Rifle Waffenboxes and sometimes dropped in stockpiles or from a killed Wustling.



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