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The Beretta M93 Raffica is a burst-fire machine pistol featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty Online and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. It was cut from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


In the campaign, the M93 Raffica is found in "The Gulag", in the armory before proceeding with the search through the cells for Prisoner 627; the weapon is a little hard to spot, being on the lowest shelf on the right below the AA-12. It is also found in "Loose Ends" in the armory in the basement. It is also found in "Museum". When being held, one of the few noticeable differences between it and the M9 is that the player holds the grip on the front part of the Raffica with both hands.


In multiplayer the M93 Raffica is the penultimate machine pistol, being unlocked at level 38.

In game, the damage of the M93 Raffica is unmatched amongst Machine Pistols. It is capable of a one burst kill up close, and is actually capable of dealing a one burst headshot at the longest ranges. With Stopping Power, this becomes a two shot kill up close, and a one burst kill at any distance. This abnormally high damage makes the Raffica very rewarding for any player with good accuracy, almost always guaranteeing one-burst kills. This unique advantage makes Stopping Power by far the most popular Red Perk for many players using the weapon.

The Raffica's Rate of Fire is amongst the lower end in its category. It shoots a fearsome 937 RPM per burst, but the mandatory burst delay makes overall Rate of Fire a maximum of 459 RPM, severely underwhelming for less accurate players.

Handling traits of the Raffica are somewhat bizarre. All sights on the Raffica are misaligned, as their true point of impact is slightly to the right of the indicator. It has the handling characteristics of other Machine Pistols, and has a very fast reload time at 1.76 seconds.

One of the Raffica's weaknesses is that it has a small magazine capacity, at just 20 rounds. As well, since 20 is not divisible by three, the last two bullets will be used for a two round burst that can only kill in close range, or against weakened enemies.

The Raffica can be used in Last Stand, a benefit that no other Machine Pistol has. This can make the Raffica one of the deadliest last-ditch defenses in the Secondary category.

The usual assortment of weapon attachments are available for the Raffica. As already mentioned, all of the sights are misaligned, making it futile to use them.

Due to the low differential in damage with the Raffica, the Silencer makes the Raffica a powerful stealth weapon, well suited for accurate players looking to flank the enemy. Be advised though that reliability at medium range does become an issue if the player's accuracy is thrown off, as one of the 3/4 bullets needed to hit can miss the target.

If the player simply needs extra firepower up close, the Akimbo variant of the M93 is available, bolstering close range lethality to a level beyond that of even the akimbo Desert Eagles. However, the Raffica's unique long range abilities are cast aside.

FMJ serves its usual niche purpose. Due to secondaries having rather bad penetration abilities, it is not advised to blindly shoot through cover, even if FMJ is being used.

Finally, Extended Magazines are available for use, bolstering capacity to 30 rounds. This size is largely unnecessary unless one needed to eliminate the two round burst at the end of this weapon's magazine.

In conclusion, the M93 Raffica is a machine pistol that is not only deadly, but can serve to be very flexible in many situations. Its raw power and flexible use of attachments can create the Raffica as strong as the player's primary weapon, and will tend to be a very valuable addition to many loadouts.

Weapon Attachments


For attachment images, see M93 Raffica/Attachments.

Call of Duty Online

The M93 Raffica appears in Call of Duty Online as the Beretta M93R.



Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

"3-round burst pistol. Fast cyclic rate of fire with a short delay between bursts. Increased ammo capacity and slightly slower reloading speeds."
— In-game description.

The M93 Raffica returns in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War as the Diamatti, but this time, It does not have a stock.


It appears as the secondary weapon in the mission "Echoes of a Cold War".


The Diamatti can be brought into any map via Create-A-Class, at Loadout rarity and can be found at any rarity via the Mystery Box for 950 Essence. Within Die Maschine, It can be found in the "Mezzanine", just to the right of the broken section of the building as a Wall Gun costing 1,750 Essence coming with 3 attachments and at Uncommon Rarity. When upgraded via Pack-a-Punch Machine it becomes the Die-A-Lotti, gaining increased stats. While equipped with the Dual Wield attachment, the upgraded variant gains the name Die-A-Lotti & Die-A-Morri.










Blueprint Image Rarity How to obtain
Amped Up AmpedUp Card BOCW.png Legendary Bundle Music Legend Mastercraft Bundle
Avalanche Avalanche Card BOCW.png Rare Bundle Cold Hearted
Bullshark Bullshark Card BOCW.png Rare Bundle Silent Approach
Deciding Factor DecidingFactor Card BOCW.png Legendary Battle Pass Season One Tier 42
Devil's Breath DevilsBreath Card BOCW.png Legendary Bundle Zenya Cold Blooded
Drab Deputy DrabDeputy Card BOCW.png Legendary Battle Pass Season Three Tier 89
Final Chapter Final Chapter Card BOCW.png Legendary Battle Pass Season Six Tier 21
Firebrand Firebrand Card BOCW.png Legendary Bundle Tracer Pack: Firestorm Maxis Mastercraft Bundle
Honjo Honjo Card BOCW.png Legendary Reach season level 50 in Season Four
Maple Leaf Maple Leaf Card BOCW.png Legendary Battle Pass Season Five Tier 81
Monumental Monumental Card BOCW.png Legendary Bundle Dragon's Greed
Patina Elite Patina Elite Card BOCW.png Epic Season Three 2v2 Gunfight Tournament reward
Phoenix Sergeant Phoenix Sergeant Card BOCW.png Legendary Bundle Royal Guard
Primal Hunter PrimalHunter Card BOCW.png Legendary Zombies Onslaught Reward
Regal Shiv Regal Shiv Card BOCW.png Epic Battle Pass Season Four Tier 18
Short Fuse ShortFuse Card BOCW.png Legendary Bundle Power Surge Reactive
Sky Burst SkyBurst Card BOCW.png Epic Bundle Advanced Maneuvers
Soul Sever Soul Sever Card BOCW.png Legendary Bundle Tracer Pack: Yokai
Sunburst Sunburst Card BOCW.png Legendary Bundle Magma Fury
Tap Dance TapDance Card BOCW.png Epic Bundle Zirkus Leader
Tiny Comrade TinyComrade Card BOCW.png Epic Bundle Tracer Pack: Violet Anime


For camouflage images, see M93 Raffica/Camouflage#Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.


  • Raffica is Italian for "burst".
  • In the campaign, the M93 Raffica has a different pickup icon. Instead of the normal pickup icon from Multiplayer, it is the M9 pickup icon.
  • The campaign version of the M93 Raffica lacks the stock the weapon normally has.
  • When using Akimbo in third person, the stock of the weapon goes through the player's arms.
  • On the stock there is the word EOTech along with the EOTech logo.
  • The M93 Raffica's Create-A-Class image and pickup icon both feature an attachment rail. A rail only appears in game if there is an optic attachment on the gun.
  • All of the sights that can be used with the M93 Raffica, even the regular iron sights, are misaligned.
  • The M93 Raffica emblem shows only the word Raffica.
  • The Akimbo M9s and the M93 Raffica share the same ammunition.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

  • The kill icon for Dual Wielding the Diamatti in Multiplayer is erroneously displayed with the kill icon for the M1911.
  • When Dual Wielding the Diamatti, the Diamatti held in the left hand will not have its slide locked back when the weapons are out of ammo, yet the right weapon slide will lock back in place.