For the similar weapon in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, see Starstreak.
"Lase targets to guide missiles from a free-fire shoulder-mounted rocket launcher."
— Menu description.

The MAAWS (Multi-role Anti-Armor Weapon System) is a free-fire rocket launcher, and also a 9-point (8 with Hardline) Support strike chain reward featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. When fired, the rocket splits into two other rockets and can lock onto enemy aircraft and aerial killstreaks (as well as the user's killstreaks). There is a Laser Sight attached to the weapon, allowing the user to manually guide the rockets to a designated target. When aiming with this weapon, instead of using sights, the player's view will zoom in slightly.


The MAAWS appears in campaign once, in Brave New World, to shoot down two Mi-24 Hinds. Unlike its multiplayer counterpart, each rocket fired remains intact instead of splitting into two others.



  • The MAAWS can be reloaded in campaign, but it is not automatically reloaded when empty, so the reload button must be used.
  • The number "64" is inscribed in various spots.
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