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For the similarly named weapons, see MG36 and MG42.

The MG34 (Maschinengewehr 34[1]) is a German machine gun featured in Call of Duty: United Offensive, Call of Duty: Big Red One, Call of Duty 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It also makes a brief appearance in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, and is available as a mounted weapon in Call of Duty: WWII.

Call of Duty: United OffensiveEdit


The MG34 is the Axis' machine gun of choice. It utilizes 75-round drums and does fairly good damage. It has low recoil and a pretty high rate of fire, making it very versatile, as it can engage both long and close range targets, but its reload time is very long. It also appears as a mounted weapon in some levels.


This weapon is the German light machine gun in multiplayer. It is largely the same as the other light machine guns, in the fact that it fires from a 75-round belt and deals high damage with high accuracy, but has a long reload time. It has a higher rate of fire than the other light machine guns, but with less damage than the M1919. However, its damage is the same as the DP-28 Soviet light machine gun. It can kill in one shot to the head or three shots to the body.


Call of Duty 2: Big Red OneEdit

"This German medium MG was often used for anti-aircraft while mounted on a tripod. It jammed easily when dirty. 7.92mm caliber 75-round drum."
— Description

This weapon is found in the level An Easy Detail and Farewell to Friends. It is similar to the M1919A6 .30 cal, in the sense that the playable character immediately goes prone and mounts the bipod when aiming down its sights, though mounting it takes much longer than the M1919A6. It can also be mounted on small obstacles, like through a window or in a bunker. It has a 75 round drum magazine, a high rate of fire, and high power, as it can take down an enemy in a few shots.

Call of Duty 3Edit

"Maschinengewehr 34. 7.92mm LMG. Adopted for squad support roles by the German army in 1934. 7.92mm rifle cartridge belt or drum fed. 900 rounds per minute. Effective range of 1000 meters."
— In-game description

The MG34 appears in Call of Duty 3.


In the level "The Mace", several MG34s can be found. Like the M1919A6 .30 cal, the MG34 is incredibly powerful and can kill in 1-2 shots. The MG34s in this mission have plenty of ammunition.


The MG34 is only available for the Axis. It performs near-identically to the M1919A6, including the fact that the playable character automatically drops to the prone position whenever they aim down the sights. The MG34 has somewhat clearer iron sights than the M1919A6, making it easier to use at longer ranges. The reload time is quicker than the M1919A6's. However, when using the bipod, deployment time is slower than the M1919A6.


Call of Duty: World at WarEdit

The MG34 is seen being fired by a German soldier during the startup intro of Call of Duty: World at War. However, it is not available for use during gameplay, as it is replaced by the MG42.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIEdit

MG34s appear on the Tiger tanks in the campaign mission "Demon Within".


Call of Duty: WWIIEdit

The MG 34 returns in Call of Duty: WWII as a mounted weapon.


During the MG section of the misison "S.O.E.", the player can use a mounted MG 34 on a Kübelwagen.


MG 34 machine guns are seen mounted on German Panzer IV tanks.

Call of Duty: Modern WarfareEdit

"Fully automatic weapon with a high rate of fire and punishing 7.92 Mauser ammunition. Salvaged WW2 machine guns are still reliable and deadly on the battlefield."
— Description

The MG34 reappears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


The MG34 it utilized by both the Urzikstan Liberation Force and Al-Qatala.







Rear GripEdit





Name blueprint Rarity How to obtain
Buster Rare Bundle First Hunt
Snake Beckons Rare Bundle Venomous
BLOWtorch Rare Battle Pass Season 2 Tier 38
Cipher Rare Bundle Prototype 17
Buzzkill Epic Bundle Viking Burial II
Lucky Strike Epic Multiplayer Mission Dilettante
The Grind Epic Multiplayer Mission Arcane Secret Loadout
Grounded Legendary Bundle Get Winged
Rockwall Legendary Bundle Stone Warrior
Copper Spray Legendary Bundle Copperhead
Plankwalker Legendary Bundle The Buccaneer
Iridescent Legendary Battle Pass Season 5 Tier 51


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