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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
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"Revolving cylinder semtex launcher that fires 2 rounds in quick succession."
— Description

The MK32 is a six-shot grenade launcher featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts that fires Semtex grenades.


The MK32 is available in the mission "Struck Down", equipped with a Holographic Sight, and it is semi-automatic. In the beginning of the level, the Semtex grenades fired on enemy vehicles do not explode directly, being blown up using a detonator instead. However after this part, the fired grenades explode instantly after sticking to a surface, almost like normal impact grenades. Furthermore, the grenades have a "safe distance", unlike in multiplayer and Extinction.



The MK32 is purchasable as a secondary weapon. It does not have sights. Instead, the screen zooms in slightly. It fires two Semtex grenades at a time, and has six rounds loaded per cylinder. The rounds fired by the MK32 count towards Semtex challenges. Furthermore, it cannot be reloaded mid magazine, though this doesn't matter as it only comes with one magazine to start and magazines cannot be scaveneged or added with Fully Loaded or Scavenger. The two shots it fires recoil considerably, making it hard to get the two shots in the same place. Moving the aim down while the weapon is firing may help. Overall, this weapon is best used to clear or capture objective points from enemies, or to remove a camping enemy from a short distance.


"Powerful 6 round grenade launcher."
— In-game description

The MK32 Launcher appears in Extinction under the Equalizer category and costs $2000 to deploy. When fully upgraded, its name becomes the MK32 Flame Rounds. It does not fire in two-round bursts like in multiplayer, instead simply being semi-automatic, and it fires grenades that explode on contact instead of Semtex. Like with the Kastet, the player can aim down the sight with the MK32 Launcher, but this does not bolster accuracy in any tangible way. The player is not required to aim down the sight to fire accurately.

Like with the Death Machine, all other ability items and weapons are prohibited from being used while the MK32 Launcher is active, except for the Melee attack. In addition, the player is unable to interact with Search Piles when the MK32 Launcher is in use. The player cannot discard the MK32 Launcher until it is completely out of ammo. For these reasons, users must be extremely careful when buying the MK32 Launcher, as doing so severely limits what the player can do while it's active, something that can be very detrimental to a team if the user is tasked with providing key supplies such as Ammo or Armor.

When starting out, the MK32 Launcher is decent, having solid killing power, but being very risky to use in close-quarters due to the risk of splash damage. The first upgrade is helpful to ensure that players do not hurt themselves with the MK32 Launcher's explosions, and it makes the MK32 Launcher very serviceable to eliminate several Cryptids at once when the player is in a jam up close. The second upgrade is extremely important, as it alleviates the MK32 Launcher's poor mobility somewhat, and it makes the explosive radius much larger. The enhanced radius allows the MK32 Launcher to more effectively hit targets. The third upgrade gives incendiary damage. This upgrade is where the MK32 Launcher becomes very powerful. With this upgrade, the MK32 Launcher becomes capable of one shot killing Hunters and Scorpions. The incendiary damage makes the grenades capable of dealing extra damage to targets that they don't manage to kill outright.

The last upgrade doubles the MK32 Launcher's ammo loadout to 12 grenades by simply adding 6 grenades in reserve. Users will have to reload to access these 6 grenades, and the reload can only be initiated by emptying the cylinder. The reload speed of the MK32 Launcher is extremely slow, and even worse, because On the Go is equipped by default in Extinction, it is very inconvenient to Reload Cancel this extremely slow and cumbersome reload. Users must be very careful when reloading the MK32 Launcher as a result. Despite the added danger of reloading, the last upgrade is by far the strongest upgrade the MK32 can get. With the doubled capacity, by either efficiently killing multiple Cryptids at once or targeting larger Cryptids, the MK32 Launcher allows users to more easily make a return on their investment.

Engineer is highly recommended when using the MK32 Launcher, as the extra money earned from using Engineer and the increased wallet size on the last upgrade will make the MK32 Launcher much less finanically risky to purchase. The Weapon Specialist is also great to use with the MK32, as the third upgrade will heavily decrease the reload time of the MK32 when fully upgraded, making the MK32 Launcher far less risky to reload. Should the operator not be using Weapon Specialist, it is highly advised to either lay down Team Boosters or ask someone else to lay down Team Boosters before operating the MK32 Launcher, as that will also fix the abysmal reload speed. Players who have the Double Class upgrade can simply run both Engineer and Weapon Specialist to get high explosive damage, fast reloads, and a larger cash pool to work with.

The MK32 Launcher, even when fully upgraded, performs very poorly against Rhinos, and users should either refrain from using the MK32 Launcher when Rhinos are around, dump the remaining ammo in the MK32 Launcher to access the user's other weapons, or if possible, allow teammates to deal with Rhinos.

The MK32 Launcher is extremely ineffective early in the game, when it's predominantly Scouts running amok. The MK32 Launcher is incapable of making good monetary return on the lesser Scouts, making it overkill to use early on. Instead, the MK32 Launcher shines much more brightly when used later in the game, when Hunters are much more common. Not only will its extreme damage come in handy against the many Hunters and Scorpions, but the MK32 Launcher when fully upgraded is more than worth the investment. The MK32 especially shines when used against large crowds, as the MK32 is capable of scoring a plethora of one hit kills with a single grenade.

Much like with the Death Machine, the MK32 Launcher's effectiveness heavily scales up when upgraded, and as such, the effectiveness of the MK32 Launcher will boil down to whether or not the user will both use it properly and make it a core aspect of their game. If the user isn't going to fully upgrade the MK32 Launcher, then the user is best to choose something else, as the MK32 Launcher is much less effective in a secondary role than Equalizers like the Riot Shield or the Turrets, since the MK32 Launcher is much more restrictive than most other equalizers. If not fully upgraded, the MK32 Launcher will often prove to be more trouble than it's worth.


  • Initial - Powerful 6 round grenade launcher.
    • +1 (Cost: 1) - Blast shield prohibits grenades from damaging the player.
    • +2 (Cost: 1) - Faster Movement and explosions have a larger radius.
    • +3 (Cost: 2) - Fire grenades do increased damage.
    • +4 (Cost: 3) - Doubles the grenade count to 12.



  • When reloading, the rounds in the cylinder glow red in campaign, but not in multiplayer nor Extinction.
    • If observed closely enough, the grenade casings are actually smaller than the gun's chambers, and visibly roll around during the reload animation. The cylinder of the MK32 will also minorly clip into any sights attached to the weapon, such as a Holographic Sight.
  • When called in during a round of Extinction, the player character will refer to the weapon as a "War Machine".