"Bolt action railgun. Best in class handling."
— In-game description.

The MORS is a single-shot sniper rifle featured in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


The MORS can be found in the campaign, though it is quite rare.

A special version of the weapon can be obtained near the end of the mission "Crash". This variant is magazine-fed and semi-automatic, with a capacity of 10 rounds, and has explosive rounds.


The MORS is unlocked at level 8.

The MORS is a very strong sniper rifle, often resulting in one-shot kills regardless of range. However, this is offset by the weapon's Rate of Fire, as the MORS must be reloaded after every shot, which is about as fast as a regular bolt-action. If a backup shot is required, it can place the player in jeopardy.

The MORS is favorable with handling characteristics, as there is minimal sway with the weapon. The reload is quick, and the scope has a clean reticle.


Supply Drop Variants

  • Silver Bullet [Elite] (Damage +2, Accuracy +1, Fire Rate -2, Handling -1)
  • The Doctor [Elite] (Fire Rate +2, Handling +1, Damage -1, Accuracy -1, Mobility -1)
  • Ransacker (Damage +1, Accuracy +1,  Fire Rate -1, Mobility -1)
  • Penetrator (Damage +1, Mobility +1, Fire Rate -1, Handling -1)
  • Pummeler (Fire Rate +1, Handling +1, Damage -1, Accuracy -1)
  • Lullaby (Handling +1, Accuracy -1, integrated Ballistic CPU)
  • Long Rifle (Accuracy +1, Handling -1)
  • Tumbler (Damage +1, Accuracy -1)
  • Quick Bolt [Enlisted] (Fire Rate +1, Mobility -1)
  • Slung [Enlisted] (Mobility +1, Fire Rate -1)


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