For similar weapons, see TMP and MP9.

The MP11 is a submachine gun that appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It has a 32 round magazine with moderate recoil and a high rate of fire, making it an excellent close quarters weapon, both while aiming or hip firing.


Supply Drop Variants

  • Goliath [Elite] (Damage +3, Handling -3)
  • Savior [Professional] (Fire Rate +1, Accuracy -1, integrated Laser Sight)
  • Toxic [Professional] (Fire Rate +1, Handling +1, Damage -1, Accuracy -1)
  • Plunderer [Professional] (Mobility +2, Accuracy -2)
  • Devourer (Range +2, Fire Rate -2)
  • Airborne [Enlisted] (Accuracy +1, Handling -1)
  • Scout [Enlisted] (Mobility +1, Fire Rate -1)


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