The MP412 is a revolver featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


The MP412 is commonly used as a sidearm by the Spetsnaz, GIGN and the Inner Circle, and can be found in the missions "Black Tuesday", "Persona Non Grata" and "Turbulence".


The MP412 is capable of two-shot kills at close range, and is the earliest handgun unlocked to have the capability to do so becoming unlocked at level 30. However, it features the longest reload time for a handgun in the game at over 4 seconds, and the slowest reload for any non-LMG in the game. This combined with its small 6 round capacity makes Sleight of Hand a necessity.

The MP412 has a strong upwards kick that can sometimes lead to unintentional headshots. However, its recoil settles quite quickly, so pausing for a few moments between shots will greatly aid accuracy.

Compared to the .44 Magnum, the MP412 has lower hipfire accuracy, longer reload time and a different visual recoil. The MP412 is unlocked earlier, making it a good candidate for a strong sidearm until the .44 Magnum or Desert Eagle is unlocked.

The MP412 is the sidearm equipped with the Juggernaut pointstreak, along with the M60E4.

Special Ops

The MP412 is available for both Survival and Mission modes.

Mission Mode

The MP412 is an alternate weapon in the Mission Mode challenge Stay Sharp, and is used by enemies in Last Stand in several missions.

Survival Mode

The MP412 is the starting weapon for Tier 3 (Hard) Survival Mode missions. It is also available from the Weapon Armory at level 2 for $250. It's low magazine capacity and long reload (and inability to reload cancel) makes it an unreliable weapon to use.



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MP412 Demonstration - Modern Warfare 3

MP412 Demonstration - Modern Warfare 3

MP412 Tactical Knife Demonstration - Modern Warfare 3

MP412 Tactical Knife Demonstration - Modern Warfare 3

MP412 Akimbo Demonstration - Modern Warfare 3

MP412 Akimbo Demonstration - Modern Warfare 3


  • With the Tactical Knife, the final spinning of the cylinder is not done, shortening the length of the reload. However, that increases the switch time for counter-balance.
  • This is the second revolver to be held with one hand without the Tactical Knife, the first being the .357 Magnum from Call of Duty: World at War.
  • The MP412, when used by a Juggernaut in multiplayer, can be reload canceled as soon as the casings are emptied from the cylinder.
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