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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Vanguard

MVP Highlight are a mechanic featured in Call of Duty: Vanguard. They are brief character animations, showcasing the player's selected Operator, featured as part of the Team MVP at the end of a match where players can vote for the best players of the winning team

List of MVP Highlights

Note: Unless an Operator is specified, the MVP Highlights are available to all Operators.

Name Rarity Preview How to obtain
Pistol-Whip Base PistolWhip MVPHighlight Polina CODV.gif Unlocked by default
Arnis Counter Common ArnisCounter MVPHighlight Isabella CODV.gif Isabella - Operator Level 5
Close Range Common CloseRange MVPHighlight Lewis CODV.gif Lewis - Operator Level 5
Drop Shot Common DropShot MVPHighlight Beatrice CODV.gif Beatrice - Operator Level 5
From The Hip Common FromTheHip MVPHighlight Constanze CODV.gif Constanze - Operator Level 5
Gut Check Common GutCheck MVPHighlight Daniel CODV.gif Daniel - Operator Level 5
Gutted Common Gutted MVPHighlight Polina CODV.gif Polina - Operator Level 5
Grounder Common Grounder MVPHighlight Wade CODV.gif Wade - Operator Level 5
Hard Headed Common HardHeaded MVPHighlight Roland CODV.gif Roland - Operator Level 5
Heavy Handed Common HeavyHanded MVPHighlight Lucas CODV.gif Lucas - Operator Level 5
Kick Off Common KickOff MVPHighlight Solange CODV.gif Solange - Operator Level 5
Leg Work Common LegWork MVPHighlight Gustavo CODV.gif Gustavo - Operator Level 5
Point Blank Common PointBlank MVPHighlight Padmavati CODV.gif Padmavati - Operator Level 5
Rifle Takedown Common RifleTakedown MVPHighlight Anna CODV.gif Anna - Operator Level 5
Rundown Common Rundown MVPHighlight Thomas CODV.gif Thomas - Operator Level 5
Seiza Common Seiza MVPHighlight Shigenori CODV.gif Shigenori - Operator Level 5
Stay Down! Common StayDown MVPHighlight Francis CODV.gif Francis - Operator Level 5
Tactical Reload Common TacticalReload MVPHighlight Halima CODV.gif Halima - Operator Level 5
Tripped Up Common TrippedUp MVPHighlight Arthur CODV.gif Arthur - Operator Level 5
Artisan Rare Artisan MVPHighlight Polina CODV.gif Polina - Battle Pass Season One Tier 72
In Position Rare InPosition MVPHighlight CODV.gif Undercover Action Bundle
Star Power Rare StarPower MVPHighlight CODV.gif Battle Pass Season Two Tier 72
Timber! Rare Timber MVPHighlight Beatrice CODV.gif Beatrice - Clearshot Bundle
Angler's Revenge Epic AnglersRevenge MVPHighlight Lewis CODV.gif Lewis - Orange Hornet Operator Bundle
Axe Throw Epic AxeThrow MVPHighlight CODV.gif Occult Jade Bundle
Brute Force Epic BruteForce MVPHighlight Anna CODV.gif Anna - Battle Pass Season Two Tier 8
Fakeout Bash Epic FakeoutBash MVPHighlight CODV.gif Outback Outlaw Bundle
Fizzy Chaser Epic FizzyChaser MVPHighlight CODV.gif Broken Resolutions Bundle
Glaive Mistake Epic GlaiveMistake MVPHighlight CODV.gif Ignition Bundle
Splitting Headache Epic SplittingHeadache MVPHighlight Solange CODV.gif Solange - Hammer Heads Bundle
Thunder Struck Epic ThunderStruck MVPHighlight Thomas CODV.gif Thomas - Kill Conductor Bundle
Two-Handed Takedown Epic TwoHandedTakedown MVPHighlight Isabella CODV.gif Isabella - Wild Rose Bundle
Warrior's Way Epic WarriorsWay MVPHighlight CODV.gif Moon Forged Bundle
Big Mistake Legendary Tracer Pack: Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft Limited Time Bundle
Broadsword Butcher Legendary BroadswordButcher MVPHighlight CODV.gif Tropic Hunter Bundle
Grand Slam Legendary LineDrive MVPHighlight Wade CODV.gif Wade - Flyboy Bundle
Hanabi Legendary Hanabi MVPHighlight CODV.gif Mecha Menace Reactive Mastercraft Bundle
Hit This, Fam Legendary HitThisFam MVPHighlight Snoop CODV.gif Snoop - Tracer Pack: Snoop Dogg Operator Bundle
Knuckleball Legendary Knuckleball MVPHighlight Roland CODV.gif Roland - Skull Collector Pro Pack
Leiomano Roar Legendary LeiomanoRoar MVPHighlight Francis CODV.gif Francis - Battle Pass Season One Tier 8
Precision Incision Legendary PrecisionIncision MVPHighlight Shigenori CODV.gif Shigenori - Ancient Hunter Mastercraft Bundle
Shish Kabob Legendary ShishKabob MVPHighlight CODV.gif Island Expedition Pro Pack
Shovel Sweep Legendary ShovelSweep MVPHighlight Daniel CODV.gif Daniel - Crimson Fang Bundle
Tooth Rattler Legendary ToothRattler MVPHighlight Constanze CODV.gif Constanze - Ancient Amber Bundle
Truly Gutted Legendary TrulyGutted MVPHighlight Halima CODV.gif Halima - Strafe in Style Bundle
Ultrahard Steel Legendary UltrahardSteel MVPHighlight CODV.gif Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan — Levi Edition Bundle