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MW1 Theme - The Spaceland Mix is an unlockable easter egg song found in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies map Zombies in Spaceland.

Unlocking the Song Edit

To unlock the song as lobby music, the player must find three different polaroid pictures of a teddy bear in various different "Employee of the Month" calenders around the map. Each teddy bear changes between each calender each game.


  • Inside the room containing Racin' Stripes in the underground section.
  • Inside the barrier by Cryptid Attack inside the Astrocade.
  • On the wall in a small office in the underground section.
  • Across from the Shredder assembly station in the underground section.
  • Inside the barrier to the left of the Karma-45.
  • Behind the control booth to the right of the entance to the Triton Rollercoaster in Polar Peaks.
  • On the wall in the barrier at the top of the Hyper Slopes.
  • Inside a dark lighted barrier near the Magic Wheel location by Bombstoppers in the Kepler System.

Upon shooting all three, the player will be rewarded with 500XP and the song will begin to play and unlock in the "Lobby Music" section in the Barracks. If the player has also unlocked the MW2 Theme - Radical 80s Mix in the same game, the player will also unlock the I Love the 80's achievement.

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