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For the guns, see MAC-10 and MAC11.
"The rest of you bloody ponces are gonna run it again until I'm no longer embarrassed to look at you!"
— Mac talking to other SAS soldiers who failed the obstacle course.

Mac was a soldier in the SAS who appears in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Online, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.


Like Gaz, his name just appeared as "Mac" with no rank visible. He can be seen on the extended version of the mission "F.N.G." to the left of the warehouse as the player walks out of shooting range. On the obstacle course here he could look like any random soldier so his appearance remains unknown. He was seen with a W1200 shotgun.


"Bloody hell I'm hit! Arrrgh -"
— Mac to Price, Soap and the others after he unfortunately is killed.

Mac was last heard of in "Heat". While providing sniper support he sent a radio message telling the squad that he'd been hit. Mac didn't make it to the evac chopper, as Soap confirms his death in his journal, page 21.


"Well, it seems Ms. Soap here was kind enough to join us."
— Mac humiliating Soap.
"Line up, ladies! GO! This isn't a bloody charity walk, get your arses in gear, MOVE!"
— Mac ordering the soldiers to begin the obstacle course in the extended F.N.G. mission.
"I've seen Sandhurst commandos move faster than you lot."
— Mac criticizing how slow the soldiers are crawling.
"Move move move! What's the matter with you? You all want to be R.T.U'd?"
— Mac criticizing the soldiers on the final stretch of the course.
"You crawl like old people screw."
— Mac criticizing how slow the soldiers are crawling.
"Right. Soap, Captain Price wants to see you in Hanger One. You passed my little test, now get out of my sight!"
— Mac talking to Soap during the extended version of "F.N.G"
"We have enemy tanks approaching from the north! Bloody hell I'm hit! Arrrgh -"
— Mac's last words.


  • He originally had a much larger role in "F.N.G." that was cut from the final game. He ordered Soap to pass the obstacle course along with other SAS members.[1]
    • The obstacle course can be completed in the Remastered version of the game as a side mission.
  • His quote "You crawl like old people screw!" is a reference to the movie Full Metal Jacket.
  • In "F.N.G.," if Mac is pushed by the player off of his platform and down the stairs, he will run upward through the air and ignore collision until he gets back to his original place.