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"I am Major Mackenzie Carver. My friends call me Mac. You will not. And yes, I am that Major Carver. Most likely, all the stories you've heard are true. But that is in the past. I'm a firm believer in living in the now and preparing for the future. As you may well know, I head up Requiem's Containment and Security Division. It's a post I personally requested. Make no mistake - we are at war."
— Carver

Major Mackenzie Carver is a character featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode. Member of Requiem, Carver acts as the head of the Containment and Security Division of the organization.


Military Service

Carver proved himself in not only the Korean War, but also the Vietnam War, wherein he played a role in Operation Apache Snow[1] - an operation that whilst resulted in a strategic victory, crippled the morale of many soldiers involved, having to abandon territory that had only just been claimed. Carver's experiences in Vietnam had a clear, long lasting psychological effect on him, having lost many men during the conflict. He would claim that "the stick" that the men first felt from the humidity of Vietnam is something that "stuck" with him, and he had spent years "tring to clean it off". At some point during his active duty, Carver was able to rise to the rank of Major.

Department of Defense

Following the conflicts, Major Carver was able to find employment within the United States Department of Defense, serving as a liaison between the Department and the Central Intelligence Agency for over a decade, up until the founding of Requiem in 1983. It was noted in the Requiem Staffing Announcement that Carver's "blunt talk and aggressive demeanor" have contributed to an impedement in his Career advancement in the Department of Defense.



On November 5th, 1983, the clandestine Office of Requiem was created by the CIA Directorate of Science and Technology in response to the formation of several dimensional breaches caused by Omega Group's reactivation of the cyclotron at Projekt Endstation. As the newly appointed Director personally selected heads of department for Field Operations, Unnatural Sciences, and Energy Research, Major Carver requested the position of Head of Containment and Security himself.

Operation Cerberus

On November 13th, Requiem launch Operation Cerberus at the abandoned Projekt Endstation facility to deactivate the ongoing dimensional breach originating from the facility in an attempt to quell the other worldwide breaches. Through Requiem radio transmissions, Carver provide brief mentions of his military career and experience, as well as informing the Strike Team of the lead Omega Group have over Requiem in this new arms race. Carver is also responsible for urging Dr. Oskar Strauss, to create the Weaponized Aetherium Neutralizer Devices for Requiem's strike team to utilize in combat.

Operation Lost Property

In the months following Operation Cerberus, Requiem had yet to catch up to Omega Group's research of Aetherium and the Dark Aether. In June 1984, Requiem learned from Omega Group double agent Sergei Ravenov that Requiem's agent Samantha Maxis was captured and being held at Outpost 25, the primary center of Omega Group's research. Carver was present in a meeting between himself and the other three primary heads of Requiem as they discussed the opportunity of a mission at Outpost 25 to recover any Omega Group research and rescue Maxis from William Peck, the head of Outpost 25. On June 15th, Operation Lost Property is launched by Requiem's strike team, proving to be massively successful as they managed to rescue Maxis and leave the site with critical information of Omega Group's work with Aetherium.[2]

Operation Threshold

To further close the gap in the Aetherium Arms Race between themselves and Omega Group, Requiem launch Operation Threshold, an ongoing mission in the world's largest Outbreak Zone at the Ural Mountains to perform various military and scientific tasks to surpass Omega Group's work in Aetherium research and weapon development. During this time, Carver tasked the Strike Team with destroying Power Nodes - colossal crystals that terraform the environment around them into something akin to the Dark Aether itself, and eliminating High-Value-Targets (HVTs). Carver earned ridicule from some colleagues for choosing the designation of "HVT" for these high powerful enemies, as it implied that there was a sort of command-structure within the Dark Aether, akin to a military - an idea which Strauss in particular disregarded. Carver, however, fully believed this due to the behaviour of these so-called HVTs and the lesser enemies that appear alongside them, acting "like a platoon".

At a later time during Operation Threshold, Carver's suspicions were confirmed after finding a classified document placed seemingly openly on the Director's desk. This document gave credence to what Carver had feared since the first encounters with the Dark Aether - that there was an entity acting above all others within the Dark Aether. However, because of the highly confidential nature of these findings, and the worrying notion of this information intentionally being kept from Requiem Staff, Carver kept this information to himself, sharing it only with the Strike Team.