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"Listen, comrade! We're both dead men, whether we stay here, or go back! Let's you and I find a way to flank them!"
— Makarov to Alexei Ivanovich Voronin.

Sergeant Makarov (Russian: Макаров) is a Red Army soldier who was presumably pressed into the first wave of Soviet troops, however he was not killed because he stayed back behind the Stalin statue while dozens of his comrades were killed in vain either by German or Soviet machine guns.


He waved out to any charging soldiers to give him assistance in flanking the blockade but no one responds except the player. After that, they go through a building on their right flank. He orders the player to kill German officers that are calling in reinforcements. After killing them they go downstairs and after the artillery barrages, he orders the player to report to Major Zubov that Red Square is secured. He stays in Red Square while the rest of his comrades, including the player, advance.


  • It is possible to kill Makarov after clearing out the building, sniping the officers that are calling in reinforcements and then shooting Makarov after he tells the player to report to Zubov.
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