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Malum is a "realm" in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, it is the home of Deimos and his sister Dolos.

Dolos describes Malum as being a realm "beyond conceptual space and time" and manifests as a reflection of the individual, to mortals who enter the realm.

Humans who enter Malum have no voice, and can only move their mouths as if trying to speak but no sound comes out.

Besides Dolos and Deimos, numerous other deities; Demigods, Titans and Sirens, inhabit Malum: Dolos and Deimos's father: the King of Malum; Cronus, Hybris, Charon, the Four Brother of the Great Sea and the Mirrors of Perseus are a few who were mentioned by Deimos.

Aside from the deities, numerous zombies and other monsters appear in Malum. It is unclear whether they are natural inhabitants of the realm or if they are merely illusions created by Deimos to fight the player.

After the Player and Dolos kill Deimos, Malum is plunged into war.


  • Malum translates roughly from Latin to English into "Bad".
  • Malum bears some similarities to the Q Continuum from Star Trek, both being described as realms beyond human comprehension and existing outside Spacetime.
  • Malum is similar to the Dark Aether, with both being dark dimensions existing outside the multiverse and both being inhabited by gods.
  • All of the beings from Malum all seem to be based off of Greek deities, such as Charon, Cronus, Dolos and Deimos.