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The Mammoth is an enemy featured in the Extinction maps Awakening and Exodus and appears in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies map The Beast From Beyond.


The appearance is similar to that of a Rhino, except that it has a blue glow (similarly to a Phantom) and a blue inscription on its forehead.


Call of Duty: Ghosts[]

Mammoths are the strongest non-boss aliens in Extinction to date, in that they have a significant amount of health and armour, and are easily capable of downing a player in a matter of hits, even if using Armour. Mammoths behave like Rhinos for the most part, but differ in two distinct ways. First, when the Mammoth slams its fists to the ground in a certain way that would usually kick up dust had it been done by a Rhino, two Hunters will emerge directly in front of the Mammoth and attack the player. The more major difference is that the Mammoth is capable of digging into the ground. The Mammoth will re-emerge a few seconds later in close proximity to one of the players.

Because the Mammoth has the potential to spawn in Hunters, is a significant threat on its own, and unpredictable due to its ability to dig and move locations erratically, Mammoths should be killed as quickly as possible to limit the potential damage they can inflict.

The Mammoth does not spawn at random intervals. In Awakening, the Mammoth will only spawn in certain side areas that hold ARKs, Schematics, and Weapon Lockers. It is advised to kill the Mammoths before doing anything else within an area, as they can randomly spawn during the scanning of an Obelisk, making it very difficult for the player to proceed unless accounted for. Which side areas the Mammoth spawns in, much like the contents of the side areas themselves, are random with each match.

In the first area of Awakening, it is a common tactic to activate the Electric Trap in the middle, and having players lure the Mammoth into the trap. This can also kill its Hunters, but the Mammoth can still dig underground and completely evade the trap, making it important to get damage on it.

On Exodus, a Mammoth can spawn while activating a generator in the car garage, and the area just outside the car garage near the gas station. Mammoths also tend to spawn in during the last defense of the Exodus base once the first three Ancestors are killed, but only when playing with multiple players. Mammoths will never spawn during the final defense of the base in solo play. Should the Mammoth spawn in during that part, a Mammoth will spawn periodically, in close proximity to another player, every twenty seconds or so.

Killing a Mammoth comes with a massive price of 2000 points. It should be noted that the Mammoth cannot be converted by Hypno Traps or the Hypno Knife, it can only be killed.

On either map, special weapons like the Venom-X and NX-1 Disruptor usually cannot outright kill a Mammoth, but can deal significant damage to the Mammoth and enable it to be killed more quickly by small arms fire. Like the Rhino, the Mammoth has a tendency to very quickly prompt nearby Electric Fence traps to go offline should it be taking damage from one. On Exodus, the Tesla Anti-Air Defense System units can deal significant damage to the Mammoth and soften it up greatly.

The Beast from Beyond[]

Two Mammoths appear during the boss fight in The Beast From Beyond, acting as the guardians of the fifth and final piece of the Soul Key. They both have incredible health, making them one of the toughest enemies in the game. They share the same moveset of the Rhinos but with a twist: They leave a blue flame when taking damage. The blue flame stays on the ground until they are killed and causes heavy amount of damage in a very short time. After they are killed, the last piece of the Soul Key can be obtained and the ending cutscene will play.


Call of Duty: Ghosts[]

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare[]


  • A Mammoth is featured in one of the Extinction Relic backgrounds, given when the player completes a mission with at least three relics activated and was in the game long before the Mammoth was added.