"Let's see you do better Huxley."
— Mandlebaum talking with Huxley After lost the bet.

Private Mandlebaum was an American soldier who fought in World War II, and was assigned to the 29th Infantry Division, as seen in Call of Duty 3.

In the beginning mission of Saint-Lô, Mandlebaum misses his shots on the helmets and Private Leroy Huxley berates him that he is the "sorriest shooter he ever seen." Mandlebaum unhappily says to Huxley to see if he could do better before Nichols arrived and took over the shooting range.

If the player misses even once during his turn on the shooting range, Huxley apologizes to Mandlebaum, saying that Nichols is the worst shot in the world. He is not seen in Saint-Lo.

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