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"Mangin, sir!"
— Mangin to Sgt. Hawkins

Petty Officer Mangin was an American Naval radioman who fought in World War II. Mangin is only seen in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One.


Petty Officer Mangin was a Naval radio link with the 1st Infantry Division. He was seen on the Piano Lupo mission, after the character found an injured medic and a dead G.I. near an overturned jeep. He was pinned down behind a large boulder by couple of Italian heavy machine guns while trying to help some wounded Paratroopers from 82nd. He was then saved by Sgt. Hawkins when they stopped the machinegunners. He then followed and fought along with Sgt. Hawkins' squad to defend Piano Lupo from oncoming 9th Panzer Corps. Mangin carried the Navy-issued Portable Radio which protected his back from bullets but it was severely damaged and rendered unusable. As a replacement, he used a stationary radio in the upper bunker instead; however he needed some time to find the right frequency. When he managed to do so, Pvt. Roger spots targets for him, and the USS Boise and other ships from the fleet fire upon the tanks, destroying them, and stopping the attacking Italians. He is never seen again in the game.

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