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"Directive Log 272.5. Intelligence confirms that Project Rasputin has yielded the creation of a new enemy type we have not seen before. Dubbed the Russian Mangler Soldier, these units are equipped with a high caliber armament that has proven highly effective against our ground units. Their shockwave attack disrupts movement across a large area even when our troops are hiding in cover. Additionally, their strong armor plating has proven highly durable to conventional attacks. However, these enhanced combat abilities come at a cost. Their relatively slow speed leaves them... vulnerable to being outmaneuvered by the enemy, particularly when significantly outnumbered. Additional vulnerability comes from the unit's cannon, which is prone to explode when fire is focus upon its power regulator."
Sophia describing the Russian Mangler Soldier

The Mangler, also known as the Russian Mangler Soldier, is an enemy encountered within Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. In Black Ops III, the Russian Mangler appeared on the map Gorod Krovi. In Black Ops Cold War, the Mangler is a Special enemy encountered in Firebase Z, Outbreak, Zombies Onslaught, Mauer der Toten and Forsaken. In Modern Warfare III, the Mangler can be encountered in Operation Deadbolt.


In Black Ops III and Black Ops Cold War, the Mangler wears a Red Army uniform, has two Sickles on the left arm and an energy weapon on the right arm, which is only used when the player is out of melee range. The helmet can be shot off and reveals the weak spot, the Mangler's head.

The Mangler's appearance is updated in Modern Warfare III to better fit the three decade time jump from Black Ops Cold War. It now takes on a more tactical appearance, with tan armor and a full mask covering the jaw. The cannon it uses is slightly less bulky, and rather than a sickle it now uses a slightly curved blade on its left arm.


The Mangler spawns in window barriers as if it was a normal zombie. Up to four can spawn at a time. It will follow the closest player in a robotic-shuffle fashion, occasionally muttering something like "Fascists must die" or "Threat detected" in a ominous/demonic voice. When close enough, the Mangler will swipe his sickle and when out of reach it will fire its shockwave cannon. After taking a certain amount of damage, an orange light will flash around its body and the Mangler will start to sprint for the player and use the attacks more often and erratically. When killed, it will drop similarly to Brutus when he is killed, and all players in the game will hear a sound similar to when a Warlord is killed in the campaign. The Mangler is a formidable foe in any situation, but can be easily avoided. Players within its range should take caution, as a swipe can down them in two-three hits without Juggernog and the Lance will red screen the player under the same conditions.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the Mangler's behavior and means to defeating them have been slightly altered. They take about twice as long to fire their shockwave cannon, firing at their cannon before they fire their shot will cancel it and temporarily stun them; destroying their cannon in this state will drop the energy clip for the R.A.I. K-84 after you've first acquired its blueprints from the Weapon Lab. Also, destroying their cannon will reduce their health significantly. Their head and chest are also armored similar to armored zombies, making them more difficult to take out unlike their Black Ops III iteration. If their armor is destroyed, they will move faster as if their cannon was removed. Finally, they take extra damage from upgraded weapons with the Napalm Burst ammo type.

Outbreak introduces a new HVT variant of the Mangler that is an elite variant. They are distinguishable from the standard variants because of two main visual changes. The elite versions are given randomly generated names and are equipped with armor painted red. Their health and armor durability are also greatly increased making them a formidable challenge. The elite Mangler's can appear as the HVT target for the elimination objective or as the enemies to eliminate in the distress call side objective. These elite Manglers were also retroactively added to Zombies Onslaught.


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  • In Call of Duty: Black Ops III, outside of lockdown sequences where they are guaranteed to appear, Manglers can spawn in as early as Round 9 alongside normal zombies when playing solo, and Round 6 in co-op. They have a piece of headgear associated with them that offers significant resistance and additional damage against them when certain challenges are completed, the Mangler Helmet.