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"Your team has learned that Hades, the KVA leader, is attending a meeting in Santorini, Greece. Track him and take him down."
— Level Description

"Manhunt" is the sixth campaign level in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


At a coffee shop in Santorini, Mitchell and Ilona (undercover as a honeymooning couple) survey the plaza below in an effort to search for a KVA pointman. After finding their target, the duo leave and force their way into a small KVA hideout, where they clear the area and equip their exoskeletons, arming a WASP piloted by Mitchell for aerial coverage.

Using the drone, Mitchell provides support from the cloaked drone for Gideon's squad until they reach the conference room and kill Hades, who is revealed to be a double strapped with explosives. Among the ensuing commotion, Mitchell manages to apprehend several targets before the drone is destroyed shortly after. Having tracked a signal from Hades' double, Ilona and Mitchell head towards a street where Hades, having escaped the area in a convoy, is meant to drive by. On their way however, they are forced to evade both KVA forces as well as a sniper hidden in the tower of a church; he is eventually dealt with when Mitchell uses a nearby Stinger to destroy the church.

Mitchell plants a road charge that detonates when the convoy passes, causing a pileup. After cleaning out the rest of the area, he drags Hades out of his vehicle as an SUV arrives and attempts to run over Mitchell, only to get him stuck behind the van. As Ilona kills the driver, Hades regains conciousness and engage in a breif fistfight with her. As Hades gains upper hand, Mitchell intervenes and uses Hades' knife against him, slashing his throat. Before he dies, Chkheidze gives Mitchell a data chip uttering his final words, "Irons knows".



Exo Type - Specialist


Starting Loadout
Found in level


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  1. The weapon is not visible, but the visual bullet effect when fired is that of the unique MORS variant found in "Crash".
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