"Your team has learned that Hades, the KVA leader, is attending a meeting in Santorini, Greece. Track him and take him down."
— Level Description

"Manhunt" is the sixth campaign mission in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


At a coffee shop in Santorini, Mitchell and Ilona, who are undercover as a honeymooning couple, survey the plaza below in an effort to search for a KVA pointman. After finding their target, the duo leave and force their way into a small KVA hideout, where they clear the area and equip their exoskeletons, arming a WASP piloted by Mitchell for aerial coverage.

Using the drone, Mitchell provides support from the cloaked drone for Gideon's squad until they reach the conference room and kill Hades, who is revealed to be a double strapped with explosives. Among the ensuing commotion, Mitchell manages to apprehend several targets before the drone is destroyed shortly after. Having tracked a signal from Hades' double, Ilona and Mitchell head towards a street where Hades, having escaped the area in a convoy, is meant to drive by. On their way, however, they are forced to evade both KVA forces as well as a sniper hidden in the tower of a church; he is eventually dealt with when Mitchell uses a nearby Stinger to destroy the church.

Mitchell plants a road charge that detonates when the convoy passes, causing a pileup. After cleaning out the rest of the area, he drags Hades out of his vehicle as an SUV arrives and attempts to run over Mitchell, only to get him stuck behind the van. As Ilona kills the driver, Hades regains consciousness and engage in a brief fistfight with her. As Hades gains upper hand, Mitchell intervenes and uses Hades' knife against him, slashing his throat. Before he dies, Chkheidze gives Mitchell a data chip uttering his final words, "Irons knows".



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  1. Inside the safehouse, there’s an enemy using a terminal near the balcony door. Put him down, then go outside to find the intel on a bench opposite of a table covered with playing cards.
  2. Fighting down the alleys in the middle of the mission, you’ll eventually reach an area where the road forks. Between the two roads is a building’s door with a blue awning. Take the left path down to find stairs leading up through a door on the left. Look in an open door to the left of exterior stairs. Go upstairs and go through the first door on the right. There’s an ammo crate on the bed, and intel on the floor behind the bed.
  3. Near the end of the mission where you need to acquire an anti-air missile, leave through the chic white/orange restaurant, sticking to the left boundary of the level, to reach a smaller blue-hued boutique. Behind the register counter is the intel.
"A mission of this scale is a serious endeavor in the best of circumstances. Operating in the middle of a busy tourist destination is, without doubt, extremely risky. But the risk is the key to our success. Hades has gambled on our humanity. No government can survive the public outcry if hundreds of innocent tourists are killed in a botched mission, Hades knows this. But we're not the government and our power does not come from popular mandate. The government could of stopped us, the United Nations could have stopped us, but they didn't. Why? Because they think I stepped into my own trap. They've seen what Atlas can do and they know how powerful Atlas has become. They're afraid, more afraid of me than they are of Hades. With the KVA on the run who is left to disrupt their status quo? They look at us and instead of seeing our success, they see a threat. Someone too powerful to control, too powerful to stop, and so they've gambled on our failure. An they're right to be afraid. Failure's not an option for us. As long as we deliver Hades' head on a stick, no one will want to stop us. They'll want to follow us."
Jonathan Irons




  • After clearing the enemies, before putting on the exo suit, the player can boost dash and dodge. However, the player cannot exo slide.
  • The KVA soldier on the couch can be killed before Ilona kills him, prompting Ilona to simply place the pillow she normally uses to kill him on his head.
  • When played on the next-gen systems (Xbox One & PS4), while in disguise, Mitchell wears a long rolled up black shirt, but when played on the last-gen systems (Xbox 360 & PS3), he wears an orange short-sleeved shirt.
  • The three rectangular fish tanks in the seafood restaurant can be destroyed, causing the water and fish to splash out. However, unlike the cylinder-shaped one, the fish from them will despawn.
  • Hades dies in this mission, in Greece, killed by Atlas soldiers. This all is a refernce to greek mythology where the names Hades and Atlas originate.
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