Manuel Roba was a Mexican drug dealer that appeared in the graphic novel, Modern Warfare 2: Ghost.



When he was six years old, his mother and father are gunned down in the market by some random "cholos."

Drug DealingEdit

He captured Vernon after his team was sent to take his life. He brainwashed Vernon and sent him back to the U.S. to assemble another team to go after him. When Vernon came back, he betrayed his new team to Roba and brought them to Roba's brainwashing facility in Coahuila, Mexico.

There, he constantly tortured and brainwashed his new hostages. He sent the two of them back to the U.S. and buried one alive with Vernon. He moved to his summer house in Chiapas and started a war between the cartels so he could come back as a hero. But when he was there, Simon Riley came back from the grave and killed him.


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