The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty 3.

"Marcel is one of our most trusted men, corporal."
Pierre LaRoche

Marcel is a member of the French Resistance seen in the campaign for Call of Duty 3.


"Little is known about Marcel, not even his last name. One day he staggered into Laroche's (sic) safe house with a stock of German rifles and a gunshot in his back"
Call of Duty 3 bonus materials section.

Little is known about him and he is only known by that name. He appears to be a good companion of Isabelle DuFontaine and takes her death hard. Duncan Keith accused him of assisting the Germans, which caused Pierre LaRoche to say that Marcel is one of his most trusted men. He helps Doyle and Cpl. Keith rescue Major Ingram after he is captured by Germans. He barely speaks English, in which the first time he speaks English is when he tells Keith not to go back to the supply depot to save Ingram. It is stated by Isabelle DuFontaine that his last name is "LaMonde", however this has not been confirmed, and it is interesting to note in his in game bio his last name is unknown. Marcel seems to have used either a Lee-Enfield or a captured Kar98k

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