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Sergeant Marcus "Michael" Burns is an SAS soldier and playable character in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. He is the playable character in "Mind the Gap".


SAS Career

He is under Sergeant Wallcroft and Corporal Griffen of the 22nd SAS Regiment. They were assigned to investigate a group of Vladimir Makarov's Inner Circle terrorists in London, UK. Seeing as there are lots of terrorists, they go stealth for clearing out the warehouse suspected of containing a package with an unknown deadly chemical agent inside. After securing the warehouse, Wallcroft decides to go loud and face the enemies directly. After making their way to a dock with the help of Vulture Two-Two, they reach a suspicious truck. However, they find nothing in the truck. The terrorists fall underground to a tube station and they pursue them. The terrorists hijack a train with passengers and the team follow in a pair in pick-up trucks. However the train derails, crushing one of the trucks and the player as they pass underneath Westminster. Griffen dies leaving only Wallcroft and Burns alive. They come under heavy fire, but safely get out and meet up with another SAS squad. They block the road and open fire on the truck. However, the truck is reaveled to be a decoy and the real truck explodes and releases chemical gas . Burns survives this event.


  • He can be seen very briefly as the player takes his perspective from the UAV, labeled as "Sgt. Burns".
  • According to the IMDB, actor Christian Coulson was supposed to voice Burns. However, the only playable characters to speak in-game are John Price and Yuri.



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