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"Question for you, Corporal. How long has Pierson been out of his goddamned mind?"
— Howard asking Daniels in Battle of the Bulge

Corporal Marcus Howard is a major character in Call of Duty: WWII.

Campaign[edit | edit source]

Howard is an engineer and radio operator from an African-American regiment who successfully captured Hill 493, also at the cost of many lives. As a reward, he is reassigned to Ronald "Red" Daniels squadron of the 1st Infantry Division during the Battle of the Bulge. When Red suggests calling in air support, Howard agrees and accompanies Red to find the field radio. Inside a small barn, Red helps Howard find the radio and protects him while he fixes it. Howard fights alongside Red and his squadron for the rest of the battle.

Months later, Howard once again fights alongside Red and his men to capture the bridge at Remagen. When the battle is over,  Frank Aiello walks over to Howard to apologise for his racist comments torwards Howard and Howard is last seen escorting a group of German prisoners, asking one curious soldier "What're you lookin' at, Fritz?"

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

Howard also appears in the multiplayer mode of the game. He is a Major in the Headquarters and provide the players with daily, weekly and special orders that give the player rewards when completed.

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