"You're running away from bullets, not your job!"
— Ulan when Baron refuses to fall back

Pte. Marek "Beksa" Ułan is a Polish tanker and radio operator for his squad in Call of Duty 3 under the command of Maj. Jackowicz.


""Beksa" Ulan's childlike exuberance has not been dampened by the war, and the squad sees him as the symbol of what they are fighting for. He keeps their spirits high and their focus clear."
Call of Duty 3 character description.

He first appears in a cutscene that depicts Papa Jack briefing his men on their operation. In the mission Black Baron they went to destroy a King Tiger lead by the German General Richter in a Sherman Firefly.

They succeed and later on, the tank crew gets the news from Papa Jack that they will be going to take a hill called The Mace (Hill 262) and if they succeed the Nazis would fall back to Chambois. Later Ulan rescues Bohater from death when a tank shot destroys the Firefly. Then after getting out, the player, Ulan, and Cpl. Rudinski advance and meet with Jachowiz and Kolwalski. However, a tank shot kills Kolwalski and nearly kills Papa Jack as well.

Saddened, Ulan still moves up the hill and encountered Pte. Leslie Baron, the radio operator the Canadians sent to help them. At one point however, Baron refuses to leave a position under heavy gunfire, even when an exasperated Ulan tries to make him do so, leading Baron to be killed. Ulan then salvages his radio and the rest of the squad moves up the hill to the base.

The crew then spots some approaching Panzer IVs, thinking that the advancing German tanks were the Canadians. Unfortunately, this leads to Rudinski being killed along with two other men from a shot fired from one of the tanks. Ulan took his death as hard as Kolwaski's, but he still moved on with Jackowicz and Bohater. They moved to a bunker were they fought till finally green flares finally came up to the sky which meant the Canadians had arrived. With nowhere else to run, the German forces fall back to Chambois and thus Bohater, Jachowicz, and Ulan survive the battle. Ulan cries out with joy after the battle while Papa Jack and a Canadian officer had a conversation.

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"You're running away from bullets, not job!"
— Ulan to Baron.
"What happened to the Canuck?"
—Papa jack and Ulan discussing Baron's fate.


  • Ulan means Lancer in Polish.
  • His nickname, Beksa is a Polish word for crybaby.
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