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"If we lose anymore foreign leaders, the fallout from this event could be catastrophic."
— Bosworth in Cordis Die.

Marion Bosworth, the President of the United States of America as of 2025, appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. David Mason is assigned to protect and assist in evacuating her when Los Angeles comes under attack by hostile drones hacked by Raul Menendez.


In 2020, House Speaker Bosworth began her Presidential campaign with the Democratic Party. She gained popularity through her "Bridge the Gap" campaign, where she strengthened U.S. relations with China through open communication and intelligence sharing, as well as having a costly cyber-defense stance. She eventually won the election on November 3rd of that same year.

In 2025, she, along with several other G20 leaders, were targeted by Cordis Die and were attacked. Bosworth was escorted to safety with the help of David "Section" Mason, Mike Harper (if he survived Achilles' Veil), and two Secret Service agents, Jones and Samuels. Later, she discussed the plans to attack Raul Menendez's headquarters with Secretary David Petraeus.



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