"Well, now they do. Al-Qatala is a household fucking name."
— Mark Davies

Mark Davies (labeled Al-Qatala Male 1 or 5) is a minor character in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. He is a member of Al-Qatala terrorist cell in London and is one of the people responsible for planning the attack in Piccadilly Circus.

Mark is shot dead along with various other Al-Qatala operatives by Sgt. Kyle Garrick during a raid on a townhouse in Camden, North London.


  • It is debatable as to which member during the mission is Mark. His profile picture strongly resembles a member at the table at the start of the mission, but another member upstairs is also named "Mark", who bears far less resemblance to the picture. It is possible that the latter is simply a different person with the same name. The former, however, switches appearances with another table member, causing added confusion.

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