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The Mark IV tank is a rideable vehicle that appears in the zombies map Origins.

The Mark IV Tank can be found under the church near the back of the map and costs 500 points to activate. When it is moving, it won't stop until it gets to the building near Generator 2, which is labeled with a sign that says "Tank Station", where the engine will have to cool down, which takes at least two minutes, before it can be used again, which takes less time the fewer players stand on it while it is moving. It will then continue on to the church when activated by the player, where it will once again have to cool down. It will only travel on the muddy area of the map where players would normally slow down and takes approximately 55 seconds to travel from one location to the next.

The Tank itself is very similar to the Bus on TranZit, in ways as such players can utilize the tank as a defensive platform and can move across certain parts of the map in a safer fashion. It is possible for zombies to jump onto the tank and attack the players while it is moving, but sometimes the Tank will use the flamethrowers on the sides and fires at nearby zombies to prevent this. Also, should the Panzer Soldat enter the map while the Tank is moving, it will simply take off and return once the Tank has stopped and is unavailable for some time while it cools down, possibly catching the player off-guard if they are not paying attention when it comes back. There are numerous gaps in the sections of muddy trenches that lead into another trench where normally the player must jump down to continue, but the tank crosses these large gaps. The tank can be called from the Tank Station and the church for 500 points from the switch beside where the tank stops. The tank can only be called to the location after it has been used once. The tank is needed to make the Staff of Lightning, as the player needs to reach high areas that are normally not accessable without proper elevation to acquire parts. 

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When taking the Tank around after the Lightning Staff parts have been obtained, once per round, a random Power-Up will be at each jump-off location.
  • There is one destroyed tank by Generator 5 and another can be seen outside the map via noclipping.
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