The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: World at War.

"Show courage. Show strength. Show pride. But show no mercy!"
— Markhov during the siege of the Reichstag

Commissar Markhov is the main political officer of the 3rd Shock Army during Call of Duty: World at War. He commands Private Dimitri Petrenko's unit during the push into Berlin.

Like other commissars throughout the Call of Duty series, he is rarely involved in actual fighting, save for one notable exception in the level "Ring of Steel", in which he personally leads his forces into battle, armed with a PPSh-41 sub-machine gun. He also appears in the levels "Heart of the Reich", ordering Reznov to assault the left flank and giving the signal for the charge on the Reichstag's final defenses, and "Downfall", urging the Soviet troops to keep pushing deeper into the Reichstag.

Much like Reznov, he hates the Germans with a passion, and during the mission Ring of Steel, he orders his subordinates to kill every last German in the way.

He is last seen commanding the 3rd Shock Army in battle.


  • "On the Führer's birthday... a barrage of Katyushka rockets will tear Berlin to pieces. With your bullets... with your bayonets... with your bare hands... do the same to their wretched soldiers!"
  • "We should spread the word! (speaks over megaphone) Citizens of Berlin! A ring of steel surrounds your rotten city! We will crush all those who dare to resist the will of the Red Army! Abandon your posts! Abandon your homes! Abandon all hope! URAAA!!!"
  • "These animals raped and marauded their way through the Motherland without mercy! They deserve none in return!"
  • "To the brave comrades of the 3rd Shock Army! Today we lay waste to the German line! Push forward to the train station!"
  • "Sergeant, take the left flank, and eradicate whatever scum remains in defense of each building!"


  • In "Ring of Steel", he said that they will send Katyushka rockets to destroy Berlin on the Führer's birthday, even though his birthday is three days earlier than the mission started.
  • In the Wii version of the game, on the level "Heart of the Reich" at the beginning when he's giving the speech, his name tag just says Commissar instead of Commissar Markhov.
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