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The Marksman Rifle (or Tactical Rifle) is a class of rifles seen in Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. It is a hybrid class between Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles. Weapons in the class are mostly Semi-Automatic or Burst Fire based. In Ghosts, the semi-automatic Marksman Rifles can often be modified with the Burst Fire attachment to fire a three round burst.

Marksman Rifles are unique in that all of the Marksman Rifles are equipped with a scope. This scope reduces recoil by 15%, via placing a 0.85x multiplier on the recoil profile[1]. Other optical attachments do not have the same effect on the Marksman Rifles. Unlike Sniper Rifles, Marksman Rifles have a large array of optical attachments, including their unique Iron Sights.

All Marksman Rifles in Ghosts have sluggish handling speeds. The Aim Down Sights time is 300 milliseconds, and the hip-fire cone is very large, comparable to that of a Light Machine Gun. All Marksman Rifles, bar the MR-28, have a magazine capacity of 18, making the ammunition loadout of 56 rounds somewhat limited. Most Marksman Rifles also reload at a subpar rate.

Marksman Rifles are banned under CoD eSports Rules in Ghosts.

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  • In Call of Duty Online, the Justice assault rifle can be switched to designated marksman mode, though there isn't an actual class of marksman rifles in that game.