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"Yes that is it! I am a indisputable genius!"
— Marlton

Marlton Johnson is one of four playable characters in the zombie maps TranZit and Die Rise. He only appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies mode.

His appearance is of a Caucasian male in his twenties. He wears a white collared shirt, blue jeans, and glasses. His quotes in-game classify him as a stereotypical, "nerd".

Marlton favors using a larger, advanced vocabulary, which either displays his arrogance in the way he views himself, as superior to others, or this is natural to him, as he is very knowledgeable about many contraptions and weapons.


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  • Marlton has a very high view of himself, as he references the fact that he is an "indisputable genius" in many of his quotes.
  • Marlton suffers from claustrophobia.
  • He refers to the Mystery Box as the chaos box.
  • He and Russman have a mutual dislike for each other.
  • He is very knowledgeable about weapons, often reeling off facts about the guns he acquires in the Mystery Box.
  • Marlton dislikes the Executioner, but strangely, he likes the other shotguns available.
    • He is also dismissive of semi-automatic and burst-firing weapons.
    • Conversely, he seems to like all weapons that he identifies as of Russian origin, except for the RPG.
  • His watch-calculator reads 190438.
  • Marlton is self-conscious.
  • He suffers from mysophobia, which is the fear of contamination and germs.
  • Misty has a crush on Marlton, and he seems to reciprocate those feelings somewhat, despite him saying he feels no emotion and explains that he has a special relationship with Misty.
  • He is ambidextrous.
  • Marlton can be heard in Nuketown Zombies, by knifing the bunker in the backyard of the green house.
  • His favorite weapon is the DSR-50.
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