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"Dwindling energy and rare-earth resources on Earth lead to Mars colonization and terraforming. 30 years ago, the Settlement Defense Front, a brutal insurgent group, led a coup that resulted in the extermination of all Earth-loyalists on Mars. They formed their own military junta - and instituted martial law planet-wide. After the loss of Mars, the countries of Earth formed the UNSA to help facilitate diplomacy in space-trade. Since the Secession War, resource trade continues, fueled by Earth's need for energy, and Mars' need for weapons and technology. After years of military buildup by the SDF and repeated reports of human rights violations on Mars, certain countries instituted trade sanctions against Mars. The SDF saw this as an attack of their sovereignty and led directly to their invasion of Geneva."
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Mars is a planet in the Solar System. In Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, it is the primary seat of the Settlement Defense Front's power, as well as the home of all SDF followers and members. It is also featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 within the map Tag der Toten as an easter-egg.

Mars is located within the Mars Cluster, which refers to Mars and all satellite within its gravitational sphere of influence. It is buffered by a large No-Fly zone.

Mars was originally colonised in the face of dwindling energy and rare-earth resources on Earth, which included terraforming efforts on the red planet. However, 30 years before the start of Infinite Warfare, the SDF, then an insurgent group, launched a coup that resulted in them seizing control of Mars, executing any Earth-loyalists. The nations of Earth formed the United Nations Space Alliance in response to the loss of Mars. Earth and Mars would continue to trade, as Earth needed energy and resources and Mars needed weapons and technology. However, years of military tensions would finally erupt in the UNSA-SDF War 30 years later.

Mars has access to a space elevator, leading up to the Tharsis Shipyard, a major logistics hub for the SDF.

It would appear that while Mars' terraforming is still underway (the atmosphere is still composed mostly of carbon dioxide), the planet's atmosphere has been thickened enough that a vacuum suit is no longer necessary when outside, with several characters during Operation Blood Storm, such as Gator, only needing to wear a breathing mask.


Mars has two natural satellites, Deimos and Phobos. Deimos is home to solar-powered mining stations which generate valuable metal resources, which are sent down the gravity well to Mars. These outposts also serve as spaceports and refuelling stations for flights coming and going from Mars. Phobos, meanwhile, has the advantage of having lumps of iron and nickel rather than difficult-to-extract ores, making mining extremely simple and cost effective. This allowed the SDF to easily engage in warship construction. The competitive advantage this provided led to the construction of a geosynchronous orbital shipyard that provided ship-building services to the entire solar system until the outbreak of the Secession Wars.



Distance From Sun 1.52 AU / 227.9 million kilometers
Day Length 1 day 40 minutes
Year Length 687 days
Temperature 20 to -125°C
Atmospheric Composition Carbon Dioxide
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