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"On your feet Gibson. We're not done yet."
— Mason

Sergeant Mason was a squad commander during World War II. He appears in the game Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts as a soldier in the 80th Infantry Division. He is the commander of Lucas Gibson and Cpl. Tucker's squad.


Mason is first seen in Ettelbruck on a bridge next to Lucas Gibson. His squad is pinned down by MG fire when Tucker runs across the road to tell Mason to fall back. However, Mason tells Tucker that Baker Company was moving up and persuades Tucker to flank the MG. After a few skirmishes, the squad encounters a Panzer, forcing them to take cover. After holding off some Germans, Tucker opens a door, saving the squad.

After clearing a few buildings, the squad moves into the town square, where the Panzer is destroyed by a Sherman. The squad moves up with the tank and takes the town. From here, it is believed that Mason and his squad participated in The Race to Bastogne and The Relief of Bastogne.

Mason is later seen in Braunau am Inn when his squad's convoy is attacked. The squad kills many Germans and clears a few bunkers. Mason is then relayed a message about a V2 in the town. Then, a Panzer approaches the position of the squad. Luckily, It is destroyed.

Mason and his squad then come out of hiding and assault the Germans. After fierce fighting, the squad gets to the V2 control room. However, it is too late to stop the launch. Eventually, the squad gets to the launch zone and Pvt. Gibson is recommended for the Medal of Honor.

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