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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
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For the similarly named Ranger, see Macey.

Private Massey is a Marine who appears in the Call of Duty 4 campaign.


Massey is assigned to Lieutenant Vasquez's unit and serves as the breaching specialist. Massey assisted Lieutenant Vasquez and Sergeant Paul Jackson in clearing the OpFor headquarters building that was allegedly the location of Khaled Al-Asad, and helped to identify the bodies as not being Al-Asad. He then followed his companions from the building.

From here, it is possible for Massey to be killed by the player or OpFor soldiers whilst advancing to the TV station. If he survives up until that point, then he will assist in clearing it out. He will be replaced by a generic Marine if killed.

Massey also can possibly appear in The Bog, having been promoted to Sergeant.


  • In the Wii version, Massey stays with the player until the OpFor headquarters building is reached.
  • Massey carries a shotgun on his back, much like Vasquez. However, as seen the above picture, he uses it when; clearing the first building and if he makes it there, the TV station (his other weapon will vanish).
  • Because his name can be used by randomly generated soldiers, sometimes there will be two Private Masseys in "Charlie Don't Surf". The "real" one can be distinguished by the shotgun on his back.
  • Massey is named after Infinity Ward employee Steve Massey.