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"A city divided between East and West. A fragile alliance with a familiar adversary. An old enemy rising from the shadows. Who will prevail when worlds collide?"
— Mission Briefing

Mauer der Toten (German: Wall of the Dead) is a Zombies map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The map was released on July 15th, 2021 as part of the Season Four: Reloaded of content for the game.


Mauer der Toten takes place at Checkpoint Charlie in East Berlin near the Berlin Wall after a zombie invasion orchestrated by Aleksandra Valentina has overtaken the city streets.

The introduction of Mauer der Toten also includes the return of Mule Kick as a perk, being retroactively added to the Der Wunderfizz machine in Die Maschine, Firebase Z and Outbreak. Additionally, a new wonder weapon called the Conversion-Ready Binary Repeater-Standard debuts in the map, and has three unique variants that it can be upgraded into. Alongside the CRBR-S is a new piece of Tactical Equipment called the LT53 Kazimir, which can now be acquired on all previous maps either as a rare world drop or via the Crafting Table.



Off-Wall Weapons
Mystery Box / Trials


Easter Eggs

Main Quest

Main article: Tin Man Heart

The main quest for Mauer der Toten, titled Tin Man Heart in the Dark Ops, tasks the captured Requiem Strike Team to follow Kravchenko's orders and build an Inversion Warhead to close the Dark Aether portal in Berlin and stop Aleksandra Valentina.

Weaponry Easter Egg

  • Klaus can be activated by acquiring two parts and installing them in the robot chained to a chair in the Safe House. Once activated Klaus will act as an AI companion, similarly to the Civil Protector or Sergeant A.D.A.M., following the player and killing zombies.
    • The Klaus Remote Control will also temporarily replace the player's Tactical Equipment slot and allow them to send Klaus to a location of their choosing. After a round, Klaus will return to the chair in the Safe House to be recharged. Once charged, Klaus can be reactivated at the cost of 2000 Essence per use. In addition to the Safe House, three radios can be found around the map to call Klaus: in the Military Tent, on the Korber Rooftop, and in the West Berlin Street.
    • The two parts are:
      • The Robotic Hands are acquired by turning a zombie using a weapon equipped with Brain Rot next to a barricaded door in Hotel Room 305. The turned zombie will tear down the barricade opening the door. Players will then go near the bed and remove the hands from the neck of Agent Jack's corpse to acquire them.
      • The Battery is acquired by killing a Krasny Soldat, which usually starts spawning on Round 10.
    • Klaus can also be upgraded, which will give him a cosmetic change and a Pack-a-Punched XM4 as his weapon. The steps to do this are as follows:
      • Collect a Satellite Dish from digging piles in the Death Strip, then head to the Garment Factory and attach the dish to an empty Upgrade Station.
      • Have Klaus kill at least 45 zombies, after which a monitor in the Garment Factory Upgrade Station will be lit green. Command Klaus to go to this station, where a defense wave will start. After finishing this wave, Klaus will be upgraded to the first tier, having his XM4 gain the first tier of Pack-a-Punch upgrades.
      • Afterwards, command Klaus to a locker in the Switch Control Room. He will open the locker and a blacklight can be acquired. Use this blacklight to find Klaus' symbol in two out of six total electrical boxes around the map. The boxes spawn at 5th Floor Apartments, Hotel Lounge, Ghost Station, Maintenance Tunnel, West Berlin Street and Blasted Suite. Then, command Klaus to the boxes with his symbol, and he will open them, revealing two Cosmetic Disks.
      • Once the Disks are acquired, command Klaus to enter the Upgrade Station at the Garment Factory. Interact with the machine to input the disk, and Klaus will receive a new cosmetic outfit, and his XM4 will be Pack-a-Punched further. Repeat this step for a final upgrade.
  • The Conversion-Ready Binary Repeater-Standard Wonder Weapon can be acquired through a short quest.
    • First, activate Klaus and acquire the blacklight (same step as instructed above).
    • Using the blacklight, the player needs to find three sets of two numbers hidden on the walls of three locations in respective order:
      • Garment Factory
      • Grocery Store
      • Service Passage
    • Once all the numbers are found, the player needs to go to the room in Hotel Room 305 previously opened to acquire the Robotic Hands to interact with the safe inside the room and input each set of numbers from left to right. If done correctly, the safe will open and the CRBR-S will be available to use.

Musical Easter Egg

  • The song "Amoeba" from the American group Adolescents can be activated by collecting three cassette tapes hidden around the map.
    • In the Garment Factory, on the top of a mannequin.
    • In the East Berlin Streets, on a shelf in the electronical store.
    • In the Blasted Suite, next to a vase on a cabinet.

Miscellaneous Easter Eggs

  • Six parts of Mister Peeks bunny can be found throughout the map, collecting each part will light the Hasenbau building seen from the East Berlin Streets:
    • The locations are:
      • On a desk in Hotel Room 304.
      • Next to a tire stack in the Alley.
      • On a couch near Juggernog in the Bar.
      • Next to cardboard box in the Sewer Access.
      • On a shelf in the Department Store.
      • On a shelf in front of the counter in the Grocery Store.
    • Once the sixth part is collected, the player is transported to the Hasenbau VIP Nightclub where Mister Peeks is seen being the DJ with several zombies dancing around. The zombies will then attack the player in three waves. Each wave having a Special enemy with them, a Mangler, a Mimic and a Disciple respectively. After the three waves are defeated, the player can interact with one of three doors to collect their reward. If a player failed to defeat the three waves before the time runs out, they would return to the East Berlin Streets and receive a Max Ammo, Carpenter and Bonus Points Power-Ups.
    • Player can return to the Nightclub by shooting the Mister Peeks bunny who spawns at one of the Hasenbau building windows exactly 15 full rounds after they did it the first time. The process can be repeated twice for a total of three journeys into the Nightclub.
  • After turning on the power, a file will appear in the Apartment Rooftop when looking over the Königshaus and Korber signs. When a player interact with the file several moving targets will appear in the vista, and the player will have to shoot them all in a limited time.
    • The locations are:
      • Behind the Königshaus sign.
      • Second floor of the Königshaus building.
      • Behind the Korber sign.
      • Middle three windows at the top floor of the "Der Dozent" building.
      • Behind the "Der Dozent" sign.
    • Once a player has shot all the moving targets before the time has run out, they will be awarded with an Aether Tool.


Penultimate Cutscene Transcript

Inside the Secret Lab of Endstation, the Requiem Strike Team successfully defeated Valentina and strapped her in the EE-1 Conversion Module.

Valentina: You cannot stop The Forsaken... He will consume this world...

One of the operators activates the module, killing Valentina and transferring her essence to refine the Aetherium crystals in the warhead.

Kravchenko: Deliver the warhead to the Dark Aether. Let us be done with this.

Klaus: I suppose this the real reason why I'm here... Oh well - it's important to feel needed...

Klaus grabs the warhead and walks toward the portal to the Dark Aether.

Outro Cutscene Transcript

The Requiem Strike Team successfully escorted Klaus to the Dark Aether portal. The inversion warhead was able to close the portal under Berlin.

Kravchenko: Agents of Requiem. Your ally - Raptor One - is now free. All you need do is and collect him...

The Strike Team run back to the East Berlin streets and free Raptor One.

Raptor One: Boy, are you sight for sore eyes.

Kravchenko: I do appreciate your assistance, but regrettably... I cannot allow you to leave Berlin. Do svidaniya, Requiem.

Inside his helicopter, Kravchenko starts shooting the Strike Team who takes cover.

Maxis: I'm trying to help you, but you need to be ready to move. Hurry. Get to the rooftop.

The Strike Team leaves the streets and rappels to one of the building roofs as Kravchenko flies above. Once on the roof, the Strike Team starts shooting the helicopter.

Weaver: Now, Sam!

A Dark Aether portal opens and the Strike Team enters it as Kravchenko is shooting back at them. They arrived in a room where Maxis is using her power to keep the portal open as her eyes shines brightly. As her power diminishes, the portal closes and she drops on the floor. Weaver arrives on her side, as well as her rottweiler. Maxis looks up towards the camera before the image is paused revealing to be a video on a TV. A man is seen looking at the footage before writing several sentences on a Requiem group memo.

- Valentina is no longer an issue.
- Agent Klaus completed his mission.

The man takes a sip before putting his mug away.

- Project Janus may now proceed unimpeded.
- Maxis presents a problem that must be dealt with.

The Requiem logo can be seen on the mug with the inscription "Best Director Ever!".

- Her powers are growing...


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There are currently 48 pieces of intel in Mauer der Toten.





  • The sound effect heard at the start of a match when on the roof of the apartment building comes from the Call of Duty: World at War campaign mission Eviction which also starts on the roof of an apartment building in Berlin.
  • The bar featured in the East Berlin Streets is called "Der Verrückte Kneipe" which translates to "The Crazy Bar", this is also a reference to the Zombies map Verrückt.
  • Kevin Sherwood didn't write a song for the map because of schedule issues with his work on the sound design for the game.[1]
  • The final music played at the end of the Mister Peeks Nightclub Easter egg is an instrumental version of Right Where We Belong, previously featured in Voyage of Despair.
  • The auto-turrets in "Death Strip" won't attack the player if they have Aether Shroud active.
  • Much like Firebase Z, all Scorestreaks utilise the Warsaw Pact TAACOM and relay chatter.