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Mauer der Toten currently has 48 pieces of intel. They are split up into four categories, each of them regarding a different force within the narrative of the map. These categories are Requiem, Omega Group, and Dark Aether.


Audio Logs

"Kurtz speaks with Vogel regarding his last request."
— Description

Ulrich Vogel: This is Ulrich Vogel, director of Projekt Endstation. 27th of January, 1945. 7:20 a.m. Task Force Baldr is in position, I am powering up the cyclotron, and we are about to embark on--
Lukas Kurtz: Dr. Vogel? I, ah -- sorry. I did not know you were recording.
Vogel: Why are you here, Dr. Kurtz? Did you not read my final orders?
Kurtz: Ja, herr doktor. That is what I wished to speak about. This last part, about your daugher...
Vogel: I know it is asking a lot, Kurtz. And I know you and I have not always seen eye to eye. But I trust no one more than you to look after Angelika when I am gone. If nothing else, you are... thorough.
Kurtz: I am... honored, sir. But this may not be necessary. I beg you, do not evacuate the facility before launching the operation. With the staff here, there is a chance we can stabilize the collider and safely--
Vogel: Kurtz. Stop. You showed me yourself how Operation Baldr will surely overload the power couplings. But calling it off would doom the Reich. This, my friend, is the only path forward. Take her. Teach her. Be there, both of you, when Operation Bladr bears fruit. Finish my work. Make sure the staff clears out. Get to safety. Live a long life and tell Angelika her father loved her. I will alert the task force when the breach is stable, and I will see them through alone. Understood?
Kurtz: (sigh) Jawohl, herr doktor. You... you will not be forgotten.
Vogel: If the Reich lives on, it will all be worth it.

"CIA Agent Jack recounts the events that have transpired after the arrival of an unusual "guest" at a Berlin Safe House."
— Description

Agent Jack: Okay... This is a weird one. So weird, that for the benefit of the record I would like to make it 100% clear that my recent psychiatric evaluation cleared me for active duty in my current role -- and any other duties the CIA deems necessary. So, with that said, let me lay it all out on the table. The robot -- the fucking robot -- the one we didn't even ask for is a stone cold lunatic. Wait, let me make it more clear... He's a psychotic murderer. Let me backtrack a little... We took delivery of the unit with little or no indication of its purpose. All we got was a note from some department called Requiem stating that he was being assigned to us. None of us knew what the fuck was going on, but we followed the directives, sat the thing down, and plugged the bastard into an outlet. Nothing. He didn't even start blinking or light up. Agent Bedard laughed the whole time, saying this was another bullshit waste of Government funding. He even drew a mustache on the Robot's face. We were all laughing about it when we went to bed. We weren't laughing the next morning. Bedard was dead. Strangled. No word from HQ on what to do, so we unplugged the damn thing and hoped that was the end of it. It wasn't. Next morning Agent James was just as dead as Bedard. So I chained that bastard robot to his charging chair, and removed his damn hands. I just pray that's the end of it.

"Agent Jack receives a hands-on demonstration of Klaus's abilities and tempement."
— Description

A door is opened and Klaus can be heard walking

Klaus: Agent Jack...?
Agent Jack: What the Fuck? Klaus...
Klaus: I was wondering if you could give me a hand... Well -- both hands. My hands.
Jack: What the fuck are you doing, Klaus? Agent Rico! The bastard's on the move again!
Klaus: Here they are. I won't ask you why you took them away, I'm sure you had your reasons. Reattaching your hands -- when you have no hands -- is not exactly easy.

Klaus reattaches its hands.

Jack: Rico!!!
Agent Rico: Goddammit, Jack -- you pissed the bed again?
Jack: The metal bastard's in my fucking room!

Rico rushes to Jack's room.

Klaus: Hello Agent Rico. May I ask why you are carrying that baseball bat? Do you want to assist in the killing of Agent Jack?

Klaus begins to choke Jack.

Jack: What the... fuck...?
Klaus: Honestly, I think I can do it myself.
Rico: Son of a bitch! Get your hands of him!

Rico repeatedly hits Klaus with his baseball bat.

Rico: Let him go!

Klaus drops on the floor.

Rico: Fuck...

"CIA Agent Rico discusses his attempt to subdue Klaus and addresses the Safe House's growing bodycount."
— Description

Agent Rico: Damn... That was a night... And not a good one. Fuck. Three agents dead in as many days... Bedard... James... then Jack. Fuck. Jack was the worst, I saw it happen. I saw that soulless shiny bastard choke the life from him. I hit him with a baseball bat repeatedly, but he just wouldn't stop. He even kept going for a bit after the battery popped out of his stupid metal head. As I sad -- Fuck. I dragged his metal ass back to the chair and chained him up again. Then I threw the fucking battery as far into no man's land as I could... Which... was pretty far. Jack always said I was a better pitcher. Aside from the agents the damn robot murdered, Agent Jones got himself wasted trying to deliver the nuke. So... it's just me now. The rest of the Station staff are gone. For good. Guess it's all on me. Like I said already -- Fuck.

"An injured soldier records a message discussing the missing Agent Rico."
— Description

Soldier: Look. I hope this gets to the right person, but I'm worried... in fact I'm scared as hell. I did not take possession of the package. Worse than that, I have no idea where it is. Rico was supposed to be in Car 5. Maybe he was. But he... it... never arrived. Right now, I don't know what I'm supposed to do, I don't know how we're going to seal the breah. Please advise.


"Blueprint for the Conversion-Ready Binary Repeater-Standard. The schematic highlights the base weapon as well as the weapon's three mod kits."
— Description

CRBR-S (Conversion-Ready Binary Repeater-Standard)

Fully Automatic handgun fires lethal engery blast.
Copycat Companion Sphere provides synchronized support fire.
Supports three weapon modification kits, which provide alternate fire modes.

Approved by: [REDACTED]
Date: 01/11/85

"Blueprint for Klaus, highlighting current performance improvements, as well as outstanding issues."
— Description



Version 1.853 Notes:
Latest version prototype has improved performance in several critical areas:

  • Dramatic improvement to marksmanship.
  • Hand-to-hand combat has seen some significant improvements.
  • Will now obey basic orders.
  • Durability and strength have seen improvements by 90%
  • Core hardware less resistant to modifications and system updates.

Outstanding Issues:

  • Highly irritable. Still lashes out violently if provoked -- or when feeling self-conscious.
  • Prone to mood swings, resulting in increase of unsolicited opinions and complaints when bored.
  • Sometimes Klaus' train-of-thought verges on existential crisis. Advice: don't let Klaus be alone in his thoughts for too long!

Approved by: [REDACTED]
Date: 01/12/85

"A Requiem report to Weaver, addressing the developing situation in Berlin."
— Description

February 1, 1985

MEMORANDUM FOR: Grigori Weaver
FROM: Heinrich Meyer
SUBJECT: Berlin Outbreak Zone

Sir, the situation here is rapidly deteriorating. Containment efforts are holding, mostly because the "Nazi nerve gas stockpile" cover story has kept the curious away. Given that we have unearthed many unexploded bombs over the years the story has a ring of truth to it. But the situation could easily spiral out of control if not resolved in the next few hours.

I assume you are aware of the orders I received from the Director. Instructing me to facilitate the creation of what is referred to as an "inversion warhead". In fact, a Special Atomic Demolition Munition was brought to the CIA safehouse on the East German side of the Wall. I was in contact with the clandestine service officers posted there, but all communications were lost when the outbreak occured.

I do not know what has become of those men or the experimental combat unit they had with them. And I am left with the cheerful thought that on top of an undead Nazi invasion, there may be an unsecured tactical nuclear device in play. In the only city on Earth where NATO and the USSR share joint custody.

In any case, the Inversion Warhead plan appears to have failed. Please advise on the next steps. We are ready to help in any way we can.

Heinrich Meyer

"A final message from Agent Rico."
— Description

Whoever finds this --

We were ambushed. One of the nuclear bastards. Killed my whole squad, took the damn uranium from our warhead.

You need to get it back. Also we need crystals from those creatures -- you can't detonate a warhead without it. Need to stop this -- whatever this is.

This fucking week. First the killer robot. Then the undead creatures. Now Central won't answer our comms. We're never getting out of here.

That damn message we intercepted.

I knew we never should have reported it.

"Agent Rico sends an electronic message to Langley regarding an unusual communique his station received."
— Description

From: A. Rico
To: M. Tuesday
Date/Time: Jan 8 1985 10:43 PM
Subject: Strange Communique

M. Tuesday

We recovered a communique this evening at one of our dead drops. I don't believe it was meant for us. It's addressed to the "Office of Requiem" and details of a Project Janus. One, I don't know what an "Office of Requiem" is. I checked the mainframe, but I don't have clearance. And this Project Janus? This can't be real, right? There's some pretty insane stuff in here.

You're our guy at HQ. Can you look into this? What should we do here?


"Agent Rico sends a follow-up message, requesting immediate assistance."
— Description

From: A. Rico
To: M. Tuesday
Date/Time: Jan 28 1985 7:43 AM
Subject: URGENT

M. Tuesday

Agent Bedard has been killed in - what I can only describe as - a horrific accident. Yesterday we received delivery of an oversized wooden create. You know what was inside? A damn robot, I am not joking. It was arrived with a note from the Office of Requiem, informing us that "Klaus" (yes, he has a name) had been assigned to us. We plugged it in, nothing happened. We just assumed it was some sort of prank.

When we woke up the next morning, we discovered Agent Bedard had been strangled in his sleep. Klaus was in his chair, acting as if nothing had happened, but CCTV cameras confirmed it was him.

He's unplugged now. I thought this Requiem thing was some sort of elaborate joke. What the hell is going on? Requesting immediate assistance.


"Recovered electronic cipher. Decryption is required."
— Description

This cipher is a Nihilist cipher using the key AGENTRICO and the alphabet ITSDQWUREOCPVFLYXBNAKMHGZ.

From: Requiem
To: Klaus
Subject: Complete your mission.
You have your orders, the security of Project Janus is your top priority. Contain this situation, find and destroy the intercepted communique, then tie up all loose ends. We cannot allow this get out.

"Blueprint for Projekt Endstation's Exo-Element 1 Harvester Unit B, used in essence collection of a particular Dark Aether creature."
— Description


  • Exo-Element 1 Harvester Unit B absorbes essence energy from specimen [REDACTED].
  • Essence automatically absorbed upon specimen's death. Must be killed within range for absorption to occur.
  • Crystalling transformation beings once harvester essence collection is at maximum.
  • EE-1 Harvester B can only collect essence from specimen [REDACTED].
  • This particular essence is essential in creation of [REDACTED].

We've encountered difficulties in locating [REDACTED] for essence extraction.

The Lure has been created to address this issue. When deployed, the device will summon [REDACTED] to your location.

Ensure you deploy in open area.

EE-1 Harvester B 723-1A
Dr. Lukas Kurtz
15 november 1944

"Blueprint for Projekt Endstation's Exo-Element 1 Conversion Machine."
— Description


Deposit raw EE-1 essence crystals here.

Warning: only compatible essence is from speciment [REDACTED].

Raw Crystals will need to be refined to Flawless level.

Acquire speciment rich in Exo-Element 1. Their altered genetic structure contains an energy that can refine crystals.

EE-1 Conversion Machine 342-1D
Dr. Ulrich Vogel
16 November 1944

"A letter written by Vogel for a future Endstation agent, providing detailed instructions to complete Operation Baldr."
— Description

Loyalists of the New Reich:

If you are reading this, it means you have done as instructed and found the Projekt Endstation Berlin Lab.

The Day of our Victory is at hand. Our army, Task Force Baldr, awaits in the other dimension. It is up to you to free them from the darkness.

You must complete assembly of the atomic device. Collect and fuse the necessary Exo-Element 1 crystals. They will require refinement before the process is complete. For this, you will need a speciment rich in Exo-Element 1 -- their altered genetic structure contains the necessary energy to refine the crystals. If you do not have a specimen, you must go to the Morasko facility and reactivate the portal.

Once the conversion process has been completed. Transport the device to the end of the tunnel, and detonate -- the tunnel's structure will stabilize the breach, though it may still require monitoring.

There is the possibility that, when the gateway is opened, you will be pulled inside. If this happens, know that your sacrifice was not in vain. Our return to power is all but assured -- we will ascend to the throne betrothed to us.

The dawn of the New Reich begins now.

-- Dr. Ulrich Vogel
26 January 1945


"The hands for the Requiem robot Klaus, recovered from a questionable situation."
— Description

"The base model for the Conversion-Ready Binary Repeater-Standard, including aerial "Copy-Cat" companion capable of matching weapon output with additional blast. Supports three weapon mod-kits, and customized with an artificial intelligence that supports three unique voices."
— Description

"In the wrong hands, it could be Berlin's ruin. In the right hands it could be its salvation. Provided the missing uranium is recovered."
— Description

"Agent Rico's ID Badge. Grants access to the CIA mainframe, though lacks certain clearances."
— Description

"A device of Klaus's creation, capable of bypassing the CIA's access protocols."
— Description

"In the middle of an Outbreak Zone, it's the best and only hope at decontaminating the Megaton-corrupted uranium."
— Description

Omega Group

Audio Logs

"Captured by the Soviets, Kurtz makes a deal to save his life -- and that to save Vogel's infant daughter."
— Description

Lazarev: This is Colonel Pavel Lazarev, interrogating prisoner Lukas Kurtz on the second of February, 1945. Dr. Kurtz, you worked at "Projekt Endstation." Why did you and so many others desert the facility?
Kurtz: We were ordered to evacuate. We did our duty to the Fatherland. And that is all you will get out of me.
Lazarev: I lost 14 men shutting down the mess you left behind, so I have very little patience for bravado or delays of any sort. You will talk.
Kurtz: Do what you want to me. I don't care anymore.
Lazarev: Perhaps not, Dr. Kurtz. But if you do not immediately tell me where the rest of the Endstation staff went, I will have that little girl we found hiding with you shot.
Kurtz: No, wait! Angelika has done nothing! She only sought shelter from the fighting!
Lazarev: She matters to you, and for that she will die.
Kurtz: Kill her and you lose any leverage you have over me. But... I am willing to strike a bargain if it will save her life.
Lazarev: Go on...
Kurtz: I will tell you where the rest of the Endstation staff are hiding only if you agree to spare Angelika and allow me to look after her.
Lazarev: An interesting proposal. But even I would not consign a child to be raised as a Nazi. So here is my counter-proposal... You come back to Mother Russia and continue your work -- for me. She will receive a proper Bolshevik education and becomes a productive member of society. But only if you give up your comrades.
Kurtz: How do I know you will keep your end of the bargain?
Lazarev: Because you are going to make yourself too valuable to execute. Starting right fucking now. Understood?
Kurtz: (sigh) Bring a map. I will give you names and locations...

"Kurtz confronts a young Valentina."
— Description

Kurtz: Ah. Is that my tea?
Valentina: Yes, Uncle Lukas.
Kurtz: Aleksandra? Would you join me for a moment? There is a matter we should discuss.
Valentina: Of course. What is it?
Kurtz: I was hoping you could enlighten me to the meaning of this envelope I received today. "Dear Miss Valentia. On behalf of the Committee on Admissions your application to the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology has been formally accepted." We had an agreement! Anything you wanted in life, I would support you, except one thing!
Valentina: Uncle, please I can explain --
Kurtz: -- You promised me that you gave up this foolish pursuit! Do you know where this road leads? I have seen it. Lived it. Horrors that you could not possibly imagine!
Valentina: But, but I am good at it. The world out there, the factory, I do not understand. But this, physics and microbiology--
Kurtz: I saw what it did to your father! It took years before I understood the pain we caused, the atrocities we committed. I will not allow you to follow in his path.
Valentina: You do not understand, I must! He told you I must complete his work. "Take her. Teach her. Be there, both of you, when Operation Baldr bears fruit."
Kurtz: What did you say? How could you possibly know that? This acceptance letter is going in the trash -- better yet, the fire.
Valentina: No!
Kurtz: We shall not speak of this again.

"Valentina makes a choice."
— Description

The door opens. A storm can be heard outside.

Kurtz: Aleksandra. Is it time for tea already?
Valentina: Yes, Uncle. Be careful -- it is quite hot.

Valentina places the cup on the desk.

Kurtz: Tea can never be too hot.

Valentina starts walking away.

Kurtz: Aleksandra, can I have a moment please? About our discussion yesterday. I know you may not appreciate it now, but please understand my only concern is for your well being.

Kurtz takes a sip of his tea.

Kurtz: Your father was a... complicated man. It was a different time. What we did was... wrong. I only wish to protect you from the mistakes we made.
Valentina: I understand, Uncle Lukas... But I do not agree.
Kurtz: I am sorry, what did you say?
Valentina: My father was a brilliant man. And you were a pathetic worm lurking in his shadow.
Kurtz: How dare you --
Valentina: How dare I? How dare you denounce his work! How dare you sit there and feed me lies!
Kurtz: Careful, Aleksandra, your father...

Kurtz starts to choke and cough.

Valentina: I will go to University, Uncle. You will not stop me. Father is disappointed you lost your way. You abandoned Operation Baldr.
Kurtz: The tea... (coughs) what have... (coughs) done... Aleksandra...
Valentina: My name is Angelika Hannabelle Vogel. My father has a plan -- and I will help him complete it.

Kurtz continues to cough until he drops on the floor.

Valentina: It is finished, Father. I did as you instructed. Do you approve? Father...?


"Blueprint for the LT53 Kazimir portal grenade. Co-developed with the assistance of Sergeant Kazizmir Zykov."
— Description


[Colonel --
Found this in Peck's lab. Did you know about this?
We could repurpose as weapon.
I will keep sharper eye on Peck. He is up to something.
- G]

The LT53 Kazimir temporarily opens a portal to the Dark Aether. Using technology developed from the Reactor Collectors at Outpost 25, the LT53 asborbs objects in a small radius and teleports them. Co-developed with Sergeant Kazimir Zykov.

Approved: Dr. William Peck
Date: 29 December 1984

"Omega Document compiling a timeline of Angelika Vogel's life - and how she became Aleksandra Valentina and infiltrated the KBG."
— Description

27 January of the year 1985

RE: Angelika Hannabelle Vogel

As it has become apparent these recent weeks. Doctor Aleksandra Valentina has been operating with a hidden agenda. All available information points to her being a double agent. We can now conclude that Valentina is the daughter of Doctor Ulrich Vogel, and a secret operator for the goals of Projekt Endstation.

Valentina's forgery of her personal records and hsitory was impeccable. While there is still much information missing, we have been able to assemble enough pieces to make sense of how this deception occured.

6 January 1944: Angelika Hannabelle is born to Ulrich and Maria Vogel. Her mother died shortly thereafter, complications from childbirth.
December 1944: Operation Baldr is formally approved.
27 January 1945: Operation Baldr proceeds. Using Projekt Endstation portal, the Reichstag sends an army into the Dark Aether. The particle accelerator overloads and the facility is abandonned. Dr. Vogel is missing, presumed dead.
21 February 1945: Dr. Lukas Kurtz is captured by Soviet Forces. He provides the names and locations of all Endstation personnel. In exchange, he is given a new identity and relocated to Moscow with the aforementioned Angelika (believed at the time to be his daughter). Lukas Kurtz became Ivan Valentin. Angelika became Aleksandra Valentina. This information remained sealed in our archives until several weeks ago.
24 April 1960: Valentina is accepted to the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Two days later, Dr. Kurtz has a heart attack and dies. She would go to graduate top of her class.
19 June 1970: Valentina is recruited by the KGB. She is transferred to Special Operations Group Omega in April 1978, and would be appointed head of Psychotronics Research in March 1983. In July of that year she presented the Projekt Endstation film reels to Colonel Kravchenko.

Spetsgruppa Omega

"A letter from Uranveren Director Kurt Diebner, announcing that Operation Baldr has been formally approved by High Command."
— Description

Reich Atomic Program

14, Dec. 1944

Dr. Ulrich Vogel

Subject: Operation Baldr
Reference: Vogel Proposal

Dr. Vogel,

It is my responsability to inform you that the Reichstag has officially approved your proposal. You may begin preparation to send a military task force through the dimensional aperture at Endstation. Should the war continue on its present course, the survival of the Reich must be ensured.

This undertaking was christened "Operation Baldr" by the High Command. The reference to the Norse god who rose after death is not lost on me.

For obvious reasons the entire operation is strictly classified. I only received clearance because Projekt Endstation remains officially under the command of the Uranverein. There are certain technical matters only we can oversee. I am to facilitate the effort in any way I can, but the actual logistics and manpower fall to the newly created Task Force Baldr -- under the command of Gruppenführer Müller.

Make ready, Vogel. Requisition whatever you need as soon as you can. I estimate Task Force Baldr will be fully assembled and on your doorstep roughly one month from now. Ensure you have a stable, persistent gateway established by then, because the Red Army is marching your way and we are running out of time.

This may be the last you hear from me. If so, I wish you the best of luck. We have come a long way from your original request to build a new type of cyclotron. We were established to harness the power of the atom for the Reich, but you may have tapped a power that outstrips atomic energy.

Frau Diebner and I send our best regards to you and young Angelika. Look after each other, old friend, for these are dangerous times.

For the Fatherland,
Kurt Diebner, Ph.D,
Director, Uranverein

"Excerpt from Valentina's personal diary, July 15, 1983."
— Description

15 July 83

Today marks the beginning of the end.

I met with Colonel Kravchenko to discuss the Projekt Endstation film reels, I told him I recently found them gathering dust in a restricted portion of sub-basement records storage.

There is some truth to that statement. It is indeed where I found the recordings -- a decade ago. When I first came to the KGB, my Father told me that was where I would find them, I just need the right opportunity to present them.

There is a rumor that Special Operations Group Omega is to be dismantled, Kravchenko has been given a difficult task: finding an appropriate response to the United States' Strategic Defense Initiative. He believes he is being made a scapegoat.

It was in this context I suggested that Omega Group pursue Projekt Endstation. It was a gamble -- the Colonel could esily have dismissed it. But I saw the look in his eyes. He saw opportunity. A chance to demonstrate he was nobody's puppet.

I have been given authorization to begin the operation. Our time is finally coming, Father.

"A document written by Valentina moments before she entered the Dark Aether."
— Description

2 February 85

If you are reading this, it means my ascension has begun.

I have opened the portal. I have travelled to the Dark Aether to retrieve the Reich's army and to save my Father.

On 27 of January 1945, German High Command ordered Task Force Baldr into the Dark Aether. A contingency plan if Germany lost the war. The army was to wait in darkness, to be summoned when the time was right for the Reich's revenge.

My Father was taken from me that day. The particle accelerator redlined. He ordered the Endstation staff to abandon their posts. As the soldiers passed over, he remained behind to ensure their journey was complete. After the explosion he was declared missing. Then he was declared dead.

But neither were true -- and his loyalty to the Reich never wavered. He, along with Task Force Baldr, remained in darkness, waiting to return and reclaim Germania.

He gave me a responsibility. I was to re-open the connection between our worlds, and then find a way to bring them home.

That mission nears completion. Soon I will be reunited with my Father. And our army will be unleashed upon the world.

father, you have all my love. I did it all for you. I will see you soon.

Angelika Vogel

"Recovered Omega cipher. Decryption is required."
— Description

This is an ADFGX cipher using ADFEBC as key and NEMAYQOLUDVXFCHIRPBTZKSGW as alphabet.

We're going about this the wrong way. We shouldnt be trying to kill the Forsaken. We should be trying to capture it. Think about it. This could be the most powerful creature from their reality. It is an Elder God. It has power beyond anything we can comprehend. Who knows what could be gained from harvesting it. Zykov says he can help. All he wants from us is to break him free. We should act fast before Requiem takes him upon his offer.

Radio Transmissions

"Peck gleefully delights in his newfound control over Requiem's strike team."
— Description

William Peck: Well, well. How the tables have turned. Last time we got to chat in private was Outpost 25. Remember? When you came into my house, broke all my toys, and shit on my floor? You were like a feral street dog. With a bad case of the worms. But now look at you. All trained and neutered. On my leash. I should thank you, really. All the trouble you've caused me these last seven, long months. If you hadn't destroyed my Inversion warheads, I wouldn't have the chance to make you my... bitch. Well worth it. And now you're going to stop Valentina. Maybe even kill her. And to think, Omega thought I was the traitor. You can almost taste the irony. You see - She played them for fools. When she activated that particle accelerator at Endstation. I knew something was wrong. I could smell it. She was too eager. Despite the dangers, despite the risks, she was hellbent on turning that thing back on. Almost like she had a hidden agenda. Which of course she did. But she's your problem now. You're going to clean this mess up. For me. Get it? Got it. Good.

"Gorev formally introduces himself to the strike team, and discusses his thoughts on Valentina's agenda."
— Description

Gorev: Ah, the infamous Requiem strike team. After a year of being Omega's itchy skin rash, it is almost a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance. I do not believe we have had formal introduction. I am Gorev. No first or last name. Just Gorev. Want to know secret? Gorev is code name. Family name is, well, I do not want the attention. Grandfather's brother, he was famous soldier in Stalingrad. You see? Some secrets are okay. Not like our Doctor Valentina. She has been quite the busy bee, da? Buzzing around, using Omega's resources to pursue her own agenda. Harboring the biggest secret of all... Her father being Doctor Ulrich Vogel, of Projekt Endstation? How that managed to elude us all is a question I am very interested in answering. But, as Colonel has said, the voice she hears is not really her father. It is this other entity. The Forsaken. I have heard Kravchenko call it "the wolf". Like from child's story. Red-hooded girl. This wolf changes itself, so it is familiar to us. So we trust it. Then it eats us.

"Jager checks in on the strike team to see how they're holding up after their last encounter."
— Description

Hugo Jager: Hallo, Requiem. Are we enjoying this beautiful, sunny, East Berlin? Perhaps not as luxurious as the amenities of the West you are so accustomed to, but still -- an improvement over your most recent residency, ja? I've seen the bodies carried out of out Potsdam facility... Brutalized. Though as I understand it, you were given the "5-Star Treatment." No breaking bones, no poking or prodding. The Colonel needed you in "tip-top" shape, he said. The Forsaken. It weasels its way into the minds of its victims, preying on their memories, hiding behind familiar faces. It found the perfect weakness for our sweet Valentina: her dearly departed... Daddy. The Colonel is very interested in this creature. It is a shame, really. I had hoped the Colonel was smarter than that. The Dark Aether is a vast ocean. The Forsaken, just one white whale. There are other realms, other worlds. It is a universe, after all. Not a singular place. The first natural resource we discovered yielded energy beyond our wildest dreams. Do we dare imagine what else lurks in the darkness?

"Kravchenko shares his own personal thoughts on Valentina's betrayal."
— Description

Kravchenko: When I was chosen to lead Omega, it was clear the unit would shut down in months, if not weeks. I was to be Chebrikov's scapegoat. After everything I had done for my country, for the KGB, for Dragovich: Nova 6, the Numbers Program, the mole -- this was my reward. I was to take the fall and quietly disappear to a place I would be forgotten. I gave the order to scour our archives for a new operation, a new purpose. I had little hope anything would come of it. Then Doctor Valentina brought me the film reels. A recording documenting the discovery a Nazi operation called "Projekt Endstation". It was a gateway to another world. You know what happens next. I took Aleksandra under my wing. I supported her projects, gave her unparalleled access to resources. I came to see her as the daughter I never had. But it was all a lie. She used me. She used us all. Find her. Not for me and not for my career, but to prevent the creature that infected her brain from ending our world. She must be stopped.

"Kravchenko provides a reminder of what is at stake should the strike team fail."
— Description

Kravchenko: To whomever needs to hear this - There is someone who would like to speak to you.
Raptor One: Hey y'all. You know me right?
Kravchenko: Continue.
Raptor One: I just wanted y'all to know that I'm in good health. Safe and well. Maybe a little prostate trouble, but I'll deal with that another day.
Raptor One: Point is, I'm in being well looked after -- and at no point has anyone shoved a knife in my face in a threatening manner.
Kravchenko: Do not test my patience.
Raptor One: Plan is: you do exactly as instructed, and we all get to go home.
Kravchenko: Hrrmmmm.
Raptor One: Basically... you're gonna be getting the runaround as usual -- but just go along with it... but I might just make it out with my binocular vision intact.
Kravchenko: See? I keep my word -- your friend is safe. And he will stay that way so long as you follow orders.
Raptor One: Fuck that shit! Fuck Omega! Fuck this fucking asshole! You get a chance to get out -- You fucking take it!

Kravchenko hits Raptor One twice.

Raptor One: (chuckles) That the best you got?
Kravchenko: No.

Kravchenko hits Raptor One again who drops on the floor, knocked out.

Kravchenko: (breathing heavily) Please ignore your friend's bad advice. For his sake. It is better for all of us...

Kravchenko hits Raptor One again.

Kravchenko: If you do exactly what you are told.


"The battery Agent Rico removed from Klaus and threw into No Man's Land."
— Description

"An old Endstation lure device, used to locate a particular creature."
— Description

Dark Aether

Audio Logs

"Father, I did it. I told you we would be together again. Here I am."
— Description

Valentina: Father, I did it! I told you we would be together again -- really together. And here I am.
Vogel: My child. I knew you would come. I never lost faith in you -- as you never lost faith in me. Tell me, my clever Angelika, did you have any trouble crossing into the Dark Aether.
Valentina: None. The portal you hid in Berlin worked perfectly. And Omega is none the wiser. Their trust in "Aleksandra Valentina" was as blind as it was complete. I suppose a lifetime of living a lie has finally paid off.
Vogel: Indeed, but your work is far from finished. We have reached the moment of truth for Operation Baldr.
Valentina: I know, father. And I am ready. I did not spend all those years playing a Soviet lackey just to fall short of the prize now. Marching jackboots will once again echo down the streets of Berlin like thunder. The glory of the Fatherland will be restored. This I swear to you: Task Force Baldr is coming home.

"Father, I have always wondered about the day you crossed into the Dark Aether."
— Description

Valentina: Father, I have always wondered about the day you crossed into the Dark Aether. What happened, exactly? I understand you were doing your duty, but I have always wondered... why did you leave me?
Vogel: That... was a difficult day, Angelika. One I try not to think about. What mattered then was getting Task Force Baldr in place. What matters now is completing the mission.
Valentina: Of course, father. I meant only that abandoning me must have been almost as difficult for you as it was for me.
Vogel: But I never abandoned you. The fact that you are here is testament to that. Now, are you prepared for what comes next? If you are to lead our army, you must... ascend.
Valentina: My body means no more to me than the name I left behind. I will proudly remold it for the honor of leading the charge to reclaim Germania. My entire life has built toward this moment.
Vogel: As has mine, child. As has mine.

"Father? Are you?... Are you my Father?"
— Description

An energy surge can be heard followed by Valentina screaming.

Valentina: Father! It... it worked!
Vogel: You look every bit as glorious as I envisioned. How do you feel, my child?
Valentina: How do I feel? I feel incredible! I thought I knew what it was to weild power before. Now power sings in every fiber of my being! Nothing will stand against us!
Vogel: Then go to the head of our army and lead them to glory! Unleashed the judgment of the Reich on the soft, weak ingrates who sullied the Fatherland!
Forsaken: Tell them their day is done! The sun sets forever upon their divided world!
Valentina: Father--?! Are you...? Are you my father?
Vogel: Of course, child. My time here has... left its mark on me, but I am the one who guided you to this moment. I am still me. Now, go. Make me proud one final time. The Reich must rise from the ashes.


"Zykov records rumors he has heard about a strange creature hunting the Dark Aether's Elder Gods."
— Description

Day 4,527: I have heard more rumors about a creature hunting the "elder god" entities who battle for supremacy here. They say it is fairly new -- not of the Old Ones who have fought to a stalemate since this realm was young.

There is a particularly disturbing detail I keep hearing. They say it actually consumes those it defeats in combat, devouring them whole. And, somehow, it absorbs all the dark power from its victim and adds it to its own. Some claim that it gains new abilities this way, such as the power to change its appearance, allowing it to stalk its prey disguised as someone they trust.

I dismissed it as idle fantasy the first few times I heard it, but repetition has a way of giving credence to such claims. I have not seen it, but I now believe it is out there.

"Zykov recounts witnessing the Forsaken in person for the first time."
— Description

Day 4,771: I saw it. The Great Devourer. The Stealer of Souls. Or, as more and more us have started calling it: the Forsaken.

I was searching for machine parts further from my fort than I usually dare to travel. This was in territory once ruled by an Old One who valued science and technology, so I hoped to find a trove of good components. Instead, I realized I was being stalked by some nameless horror too big for even my crucible-empowered weapon.

Just as it cornered me, it seemed to sense something amiss, started to turn, and was suddenly in the clutches of the Forsaken. It was different than I had anticipated. In fact, it seemed to change appearance as it tore into the flesh of the thing that was hunting me.

I ran. I do not think the Forsaken even noticed me. But it is very real.

"Zykov notes that the Forsaken has amassed an army of loyal followers."
— Description

Day 5, 169: The Old Ones are encountered less and less these days as the Forsaken continues its steady rise. The creature has grown to a size only rivaled by the crowds of followers that are drawn to it. I watch them from a distance, through an old telescope I restored. What I see has left me shaken.

The Forsaken appears to be organizing them into an army. I have encountered some of them while foraging and they always ask me to join them. Actually, it is less "ask" than "threaten". Those who refuse -- and are less capable of defending themselves -- have been dragged to the Forsaken as sacrifices.

Join, or be consumed. That is the offer. That is what the Forsaken expects from us all.

I may need to move my fort -- or abandon it altogether. I am still beneath its notice, but contiued resistance to the call of the Forsaken will surely make me a target.

Radio Transmissions

"Zykov reveals the true nature of the Dark Aether threat."
— Description

Zykov: Hello again, my friend. It is your old comrade Zykov. And, yes, we are still comrades, even if you now serve Omega Group. This secret war we fight -- and the ultimate enemy we both face -- transcent the politics of East and West. And now, thanks to Dr. Valentina, we have entered a dangerous new phase. She thinks she is carrying out her father's wishes. She is wrong. The being that has visited her since childhood is not her father. The Forsaken is not simply powerful. He is a master of deceit. I have seen him do this before -- alter his appearance, play upon emotions -- all to make others do his bidding. I have seen others here become drawn to him, follow him, worship him. And now the Forsaken commands a vast army, hungrily eyeing our world. This is the nature of the great evil I have been warning you about. This dark universe is no longer enough for him. He lives to consume -- and when you reopened the gateway at Endstation, he looked upon our world and saw a banquet to be devoured. I can still help you stop him, but only if you free me from this place. Only if you bring me home.

"Zykov explains how the Forsaken came to power."
— Description

Zykov: Things were not always like this, my friend. I remember a time here in the Dark Aether when the Forsaken did not even exist. When I first crossed over, things were very different. Back then, there were many powerful entities at war here, forming alliances, betraying each other... Not that I realized it at first, any more than an insect would know the names of the leaders in the Great Patriotic War. But eventually I came to recognize the Lords of the Dark Aether. They had been locked in an ever-changing stalemate since the dawn of time. And then, one by one, the Forsaken hunted them down, consumed them, and made their power his own. The Forsaken imposed order upon the Dark Aether. Those who remained rallIed to him, seeking his favor and pledging loyalty. This is a different place than when I arrived. It is infinitely more dangerous.


"An electrical fuse collected off a Tempest corpse."
— Description

"Raw crystal essence siphoned from a Tempest. A critical component in the construction of an Inversion warhead."
— Description

"Uranium from a warhead, corrupted by a Megaton. Warning: Highly unstable. Decontaminated immediately."
— Description