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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Maurice Baak, also known as Henri Pierre Favager, is a character mentioned within the official story overview for Call of Duty: Black Ops III.[1] He is mentioned throughout the Data Vault, with focus on the leaked information from the Druon group and Thread Count.


Baak grew up in a one-bedroom house with six siblings. He dropped out of school at the age of 13 to work in a factory. Living from paycheck to paycheck, Baak could never get ahead and he stumbled into a life of petty crime shortly after his father died in 2002. He bounced around towns all over Belgium and France, occasionally getting pinched for car theft, burglary and even arson.

According to a source close to Thread Count, Baak was allegedly recruited by the United States Central Intelligence Agency in early 2025. His recruitment coming after Baak was nabbed in a raid by French police for smuggling a cache of guns and drugs across the border of Belgium. In this raid, he and three French nationals were found with two truckloads of automatic weapons, 275 pounds of cocaine, 100 pounds of the designer drug LSZ as well as hundreds of fake passports.

Although the details are murky, once employed in the CIA, Baak was allegedly involved in a number of illicit "Black Bag" operations in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. It is stated that the CIA often hires former criminals such as Baak for these enterprises because of the convenience plausible deniability involved.

Project Udder Chaos

Thread Count details that Maurice Baak assumed the identity of Henri Pierre Favager for a CIA misinformation project named "Project Papillion", releasing information revolving a joint operation of the CIA and French government named "Project Udder Chaos", an attempt to weaponize farm animals by installing bombs and recording devices in their bodies.

According to Omnipedia, on May 23, 2027, Henri Pierre Favager was a retired dairy farmer who bought lands within France. Favager then found a buried locker containing classified documents revolving "Project Udder Chaos". 3 days later, French government collected the documents from Favager and handed them to the United states.

Omnipedia continues to detail that in 2033, the Druon hacking group leaked some related documents with the massive data dump of 60,000 classified documents. The leaks detail the training of the animals, starting with cattle dogs, then moving to Markhor goats. The project was canceled in 2021 due to lack of funding.


According to Omnipedia, On December 21, 2037, Favager was killed in a single vehicle collision in the French Alps. The posthumous toxicology report found his blood alcohol level was 0.37%, an amount that could induce a coma.

However, speculations suggest he was a victim of Foul Play. Information found in Thread Count's posts suggest that Favager was trying to blackmail the CIA for more money or he will stop the misinformation "charade" revolving "Project Udder Chaos", despite nearly a decade of annual payment ($300,000 according to source of Thread Count). The files suggest Favager was killed by the CIA, making it look like an accident.