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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
For the sniper variant, see Maverick-A2.
For the trophy/achievement called "Maverick" on Xbox, see Flying Ace.

"Fully automatic. TRENSYS Hyper-Velocity Rounds provide devastating damage at close range. Moderate stability and fire rate."
— Description.

The Maverick, known within the game files as the RM-22, is an assault rifle that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts. The weapon can be accessed by purchasing the Onslaught DLC for $14.99, or paired with the Maverick-A2 in a separate pack for $3.99.


The Maverick is unlocked by default should the player own the Onslaught DLC and has it installed on their system, or if the player has purchased the Maverick's standlone in-game purchase, which allows players to equip and use the Maverick even if the Onslaught DLC is not purchased and installed. Should the user have purchased the Onslaught DLC map pack and has not installed it, the Maverick cannot be equipped.

The Maverick is a high damage, moderate ranged assault rifle. At any range short of 6.4 meters, the Maverick will deal fifty damage per bullet, needing just two shots to kill. Damage decreases linearly until 52.5 meters. At any range past 52.5 meters, the Maverick will deal 24 damage, needing five shots to kill. The Maverick has a three shot kill range of 34.75 meters, and a four shot kill range of 50.7 meters. The Maverick in Hardcore has a one shot kill range of roughly 36 meters. The Maverick's three shot kill range is long for an assault rifle, only shorter than the AK-12 and Remington R5.

However, the Maverick has negative body multipliers. If a bullet from a Maverick strikes the enemy in the limb, the bullet will do five percent less damage. This normally doesn't make a difference, but at ranges where the Maverick is dealing fifty damage per bullet, a single bullet striking the limb will lower the Maverick from a two shot kill to a three shot kill. The Maverick is a weapon that can kill very quickly in CQC thanks to its two shot kill potential barring a shot to a limb, and it also has acceptable power at medium-long ranges. The Maverick earns no extra damage on a headshot, so it is ultimately pointless to go for headshots. The Maverick has medium penetration power.

The Maverick's fire rate is poor. The Maverick has the third slowest default fire rate in its class, firing at just 652 RPM. Among fully automatic assault rifles, only the Remington R5 fires slower, and not by a much. This harms the Maverick's performance at medium ranges, as weapons with higher rates of fire can outgun the Maverick.

The Maverick's accuracy is poor. The Maverick's iron sights are of an unusual design, but they are quite clean, with a lot of visible area around the main sight post. The Maverick's recoil per shot is very large. The Maverick has recoil values of 55 to the left, 55 to the right, 70 upwards, and 45 downwards. The Maverick will have notable horizontal recoil, but also very heavy vertical recoil. The recoil values are fifteen percent smaller on the first three bullets in a burst, and this can stack with the Grip attachment. The Maverick can be very accurate when bursting, as the innate recoil reduction on the first three shots gives the Maverick similar recoil to the Remington R5, but once the recoil reduction wears off, the Maverick becomes far less accurate. The Maverick has an average centerspeed value of 1500.

The Maverick has slightly worse handling characteristics. The Maverick allows users to move at ninety percent of the base movement speed, strafe at 36% of the base movement speed, aim down the sight in 300 milliseconds. The Maverick actually has the worst hip-fire accuracy of all assault rifles, with slightly larger hip-fire spread that is more in line with a shotgun. This will make the Maverick less consistent in CQC. The Maverick's reload speeds are bog standard for an assault rifle. The Maverick's reload animation is 2.6 seconds long, or 3.13 seconds if the magazine is empty. In either case, the user can Reload Cancel after 1.7 seconds.

The Maverick has a standard magazine capacity of thirty rounds, and a standard starting ammo loadout of ninety rounds.

The Maverick has the standard assortment of attachments available for an assault rifle. The optical attachments are all available, with no notable changes on the Maverick to note. Most players will find the Maverick's iron sights to be good enough to forego an optical attachment.

All three barrel attachments are available. The Flash Suppressor will reduce muzzle flash. The change is purely visual, and not usually useful enough to consider using the attachment. The Silencer will reduce the Maverick's range benchmarks by 25%. The Maverick's slow fire rate and poor accuracy makes the weapon very reliant on its raw damage to win gunfights, so the Silencer is a poor fit on the Maverick. To the contrary, the Muzzle Brake is a great fit on the Maverick, increasing the Maverick's range benchmarks by twenty percent.

The underbarrel attachments are all available. The Grip is a great choice on the Maverick, reducing the Maverick's recoil values by ten percent. This effect also stacks with the Maverick's built-in recoil reduction on the first three rounds. It will make the Maverick much more accurate overall and address one of the Maverick's biggest shortcomings as a weapon. The Shotgun is not a great choice on the Maverick, as the Maverick has great CQC power thanks to its two shot kill capability. The Grenade Launcher is a potent choice should the user want explosive ordnance at their immediate disposal, and should the user be okay with foregoing their lethal equipment.

The modification attachments are all available on the Maverick.

Semi-automatic will reduce the Maverick's range benchmarks by fifteen percent, increase recoil per shot by ten percent, and lower the centerspeed to 1275. The Maverick in semi-automatic fire has a max firecap of 504 RPM, and will have improved body multipliers. The negative damage multipliers to the limbs are removed, the Maverick will deal ten percent more damage to centre mass, and 40% extra damage to the head and neck. The Maverick's damage properties sadly don't lend it well to semi-automatic fire, as the damage begins to drop off very quickly - even moreso in semi-automatic fire - and although the Maverick's damage drop-off is very gradual, the damage profile leads to the Maverick having a very short two shot kill range in semi-automatic mode. In addition to the several disadvantages that Semi-automatic confers, the attachment should never be used on the Maverick.

Burst Fire will reduce the Maverick's range benchmarks by 25%, make the hip-fire spread twenty percent larger, increases recoil per shot by fifteen percent, and lowers the Maverick's centerspeed to 1275. The Maverick fires at 652 RPM within the burst, and fire at 378 RPM overall. The Maverick with Burst Fire gets the same enhanced body multipliers as the semi-automatic Maverick does. Although the Maverick can counteract the recoil increase this attachment provides with its built-in recoil reduction, the disadvantages are too significant, and the two shot kill range is too short to justify using this attachment on the Maverick.

Armor-Piercing is a harmless but situational attachment that allows the Maverick to bypass the health benefits conferred to enemies using Ballistic Vests and Juggernaut armor.

Extended Mags is a purely beneficial attachment that increases the Maverick's magazine capacity to 45 rounds and the starting ammo loadout to 135 rounds. This comes at no disadvantage to the user.

Overall, the Maverick is a weapon that provides competition to the AK-12 and Remington R5 as a longer ranged, slower firing assault rifle. Unlike the AK-12 and Remington R5, which perform poorly in CQC, the Maverick has the potential to dominate in CQC with its two shot kill potential up close. The Maverick also combines a decent reload speed with an acceptable magazine capacity, something that the AK-12 and the Remington R5 both can't provide at the same time. However, the Maverick lags behind the latter two assault rifles in terms of range, and the Maverick's accuracy is far worse. The Maverick's inferior range and accuracy makes the Maverick much worse for long range combat. The Maverick's close range advantage can also be completely invalidated should the first or second bullet strike the enemy in a limb, bringing it down to CQC performance on par with the AK-12 and Remington R5 in those instances.


The Maverick also appears in Extinction mode, in every DLC map except for Mayday. It costs $1500.

The Maverick is a spiritual successor to the AK-12, serving the same role as a powerful, slow-firing assault rifle with large forty round magazines. Compared to the AK-12, the Maverick has much heavier recoil, but makes up for it with a faster rate of fire and a much faster reload speed. The inaccuracy of the Maverick can be a problem on Awakening and Exodus which feature much more long range combat than Nightfall and forces players into firing full auto at long ranges. A Grip will reduce the Maverick's per shot recoil greatly to assist with its recoil problems. The Maverick's cheapness and versatility, in addition to it being accessible very quickly on the maps it's available in, makes the Maverick a very popular choice.


  • Nightfall: Dropped by the soldier who gets impaled by the Breeder. This specific Maverick buy has a hard limit on how many times the Maverick can be bought from here. A Maverick is also located in the back end of the compound where players fight the Breeder for the final time.
  • Awakening: Located at the end of the tunnel in the starting area.
  • Exodus: Located outside the west side of the base on the road to the gas station. Also located inside the front end of the car garage, and another Maverick is located in the back end of the car garage.





Under Barrel[]



For the attachment images, see Maverick/Attachments.
For camouflage images, see Maverick/Camouflage.


  • "TREN SYS" can be seen on the back of the iron sight.
  • "RM-22" is engraved on the side of the receiver. This can also be seen on the Maverick-A2.
    • On the Activision Support FAQ page for the weapon, it is referred to as the 'Maverick RM-22'. 
  • When the Maverick is equipped with a camouflage, the stock and handguard are not camouflaged, however with the Gold Camouflage it covers it completely except the iron sights.
  • It is possible to obtain the Maverick on private matches with bots, even if the player hasn't purchased the Onslaught DLC. It can be picked-up from a bot using it or even obtained from one of the Care Packages dropped in Hunted.
  • The Maverick does not have a strap in third person mode.
  • The Kit Bag blueprint for the AK117 in Call of Duty: Mobile is based off the Maverick.