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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
For the assault rifle variant, see Maverick.

"Semi-automatic. Uses custom LAB DIGITAL A2 Tracker Scope. Deadly from the waist up with moderate mobility and recoil."
— Description.

The Maverick-A2, or RM-22 as it's referred to within the game files, is a sniper rifle that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts. The weapon can be accessed by purchasing the Onslaught DLC for $14.99, or paired with the Maverick in a separate pack for $3.99. It has an integrated Tracker Scope. The Tracker Scope functions in the same way as the Tracker Sight but as a sniper scope.


The Maverick-A2, when purchased with Onslaught, is a free Sniper Rifle. It can also be purchased in a standalone package alongside the Maverick for use even with DLC not purchased.

The Maverick-A2 is a low damage sniper rifle. The Maverick-A2 has the worst base bullet damage in its class, dealing 88 damage per bullet before factoring in body multipliers. The Maverick-A2 does twenty percent extra damage on all shots to the head, neck, and torso, dealing 105 damage to those areas, ensuring a one shot kill. This also gives the Maverick-A2 by far the worst headshot damage among all sniper rifles, which can badly impair its ability to get a one shot kill when shooting through objects. Despite the Maverick-A2's damage being a weak point, the one shot kill area is respectable.

One of the Maverick-A2's big advantages is its fire rate. It is tied with the VKS for the highest firecap among all sniper rifles, with a firecap of 400 RPM. This allows users to quickly dispense follow-up shots when needed, although there aren't many situations where firing at the firecap is effective outside of close range due to accuracy.

The Maverick-A2's accuracy is exceptional among sniper rifles. The Maverick-A2 comes with a signature Tracker Scope, a clean scope that has the same effects as the Tracker Sight built into it, placing a soft orange outline around enemy combattants in the scope's view. The Maverick-A2's idle sway is average in magnitude, but its idle sway speed is a tad slower than others. The Maverick-A2's recoil mechanics are the most forgiving of all sniper rifles. The recoil values are very small for a sniper, with a vertical recoil value of either 25 or 50, and recoil values of 45 to the left and right. The Maverick-A2's recoil per shot is by far the smallest of all sniper rifles, and the centerspeed is also noticeably faster than other sniper rifles, at 750. The Maverick-A2 provides easily the most favorable overall stats for liberal use of the trigger finger.

The Maverick-A2's handling characteristics are inconsistent for a sniper rifle. The Maverick-A2 allows users to move at 85% of the base movement speed, and strafe at 34% of the base movement speed. The Maverick is tied with the Lynx for the slowest aim down sight time among sniper rifles, at 500 milliseconds. The Maverick-A2's hip-fire spread is terrible, as expected. The Maverick-A2's reload speeds are by far the fastest among all sniper rifles. The Maverick-A2's reload animation is 2.66 seconds long, or 3.23 seconds long for an empty magazine. In either case, the user can Reload Cancel after just 1.8 seconds. Not only is this reload speed significantly faster than the other sniper rifles, it is a reload speed in line with other primary weapons that traditionally have much better reload speeds than sniper rifles.

The Maverick-A2's magazine capacity is good for a sniper rifle, tied with the Lynx in holding eight rounds per magazine, second largest among sniper rifles. The Maverick-A2's starting ammo loadout is also second largest among sniper rifles, tied with the Lynx at 24 rounds.

The Maverick-A2 has the standard assortment of sniper rifle attachments available.

The ACOG Scope gives a close-quarters option. However, the ACOG Scope badly exacerbates idle sway and gives no ability to control it. The ACOG Scope is only useful when using the Maverick-A2 very aggressively. The Maverick-A2's forgiving recoil properties make it one of the better choices to use with the ACOG Scope, but it is an overall bad attachment.

The Variable Zoom gives three alternative zoom levels that the user can adjust between. This is a good choice if the users want to use the Tracker Scope to its full potential.

The Thermal Scope is available, and although it seems redundant to use it when the Tracker Scope is a standout feature on the Maverick-A2, it is a perfectly fine choice. The Maverick-A2 is not dependent on the Tracker Scope for users to have success with the weapon, and some may feel more comfortable using the Thermal Scope.

Chrome Lined gives the Maverick-A2 various arm and limb damage multipliers that allow for a one shot kill to certain parts of the arms and legs. When an enemy is crouching and facing the user, the entire one shot kill area is visible. Chrome Lined also increases the damage dealt to areas that were one shot kills already. However, this comes at the expense of increased idle sway, faster idle sway speed, 20% larger recoil values, and the centerspeed being reduced to 600. Chrome Lined will enable more one shot kills, but the Maverick-A2 is one of the weakest fits for the attachment, as two of the Maverick-A2's defining strengths are its very soft recoil and elevated centerspeed. Users are likely better off picking another sniper rifle to use Chrome Lined on, but the Maverick-A2 can still benefit from the attachment.

The Silencer will make the Maverick-A2 quieter when firing and prevent the user from appearing on radar when firing, but it will prevent users from getting a one shot kill to the lower torso. The Maverick-A2 is a decent choice for the Silencer thanks to its larger magazines and softer recoil. The Maverick-A2 can fill a niche as an alternative to the VKS, providing more accurate fire and better lethality at long ranges compared to the VKS.

Extended Mags increases the Maverick-A2's magazine capacity to twelve rounds, and increases the starting ammo loadout to 36 rounds. This attachment is never a bad choice, and given that the Maverick-A2 is not the best at getting one shot kills, it tends to need more bullets than its contemporaries.

Armor Piercing allows the Maverick-A2's bullets to ignore the effects of Ballistic Vests and deal much more damage than it otherwise would to Juggernaut armor. The Maverick-A2 can become very effective against players that tend to employ these pointstreaks as a result, and it never hurts to use the attachment.

Overall, the Maverick-A2 is a very unusual sniper rifle that makes up for slightly less lethality with great accuracy. It lends itself to a much more aggressive form of sniping, one that relies more on follow-up capability and the occasional use of multiple shots in rapid succession compared to other snipers. The Tracker Scope also provides the possibility of extra class versatility by providing a scope on similar footing to the Thermal Scope. In a traditional sniping role, however, the Maverick-A2 can feel lackluster due to its lower one shot kill consistency. Much of the Maverick-A2's value is the dependent on the user taking advantage of its superior recoil and centerspeed to increase their volume of fire when the situation calls for it, as otherwise, any of the other sniper rifles would serve the player better.






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  • In the top-right corner of the Maverick-A2's scope, there is a battery level indicator which always displays the battery level at 86%.
  • Attaching a Silencer or the Chrome Lined attachment to the weapon does not change the barrel shroud on the front of the gun, though the effects of the attachments still exist.
  • Interestingly, using this weapon counts towards the Tracker Sight Operation.
  • Mounting the Variable Lens attachment allows the weapon to keep its Tracker Sight, meaning that the player has a Variable Zoom Tracker Sight.
  • There are 4 arrows on the barrel shroud, 2 for each side.
  • The Maverick-A2 does not have a strap in third person mode.