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"More time to play with my pretty ones!"
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Max Ammo is a power-up in the Zombies game mode. It is represented in-game by an ammo can, which emits an eerie green glow (as all power-ups, excluding Death Machine and Lightning Bolt do). The power-up, as the name suggests, gives all players the maximum ammunition possible to obtain for whatever weapon the players are carrying, although the player's current magazine will not be replenished.

In Shi No Numa and Der Riese, Bouncing Betties will be replenished if the player has one left. In Call of Duty: Black Ops, if the player has bought Claymores (or Bouncing Bettie's in the revamped World at War maps), regardless of how many the player still has, they will be replenished after a Max Ammo. Monkey Bombs, fragmentation grenades, Gersch Devices, QEDs and Semtexes will also be replenished no matter how many the player has.

Finding Max Ammo

When a zombie carrying the power-up is killed, an ammo box will float in the air for 30 seconds before disappearing. When it is about to disappear it will start flashing. To claim the ammo, the player must touch the power-up. As this happens, the Demonic Announcer will scream "Max Ammo!" (except on the World at War version of Nacht der Untoten) and the words "Max Ammo" will appear in white on the screen.

An alternative way to get Max Ammo is to complete a Hellhound, Pentagon Thief, Space Monkey, or Minion round, as the last enemy during the round will always drop a Max Ammo (if Pentagon Thief is not killed, a Max Ammo is dropped in the electricity room).

On Moon, if the player hacks any power-up besides a Max Ammo with Hacker, then the power-up will turn into a Max Ammo. If the player hacks the Max Ammo itself, then it will turn into a Fire Sale. Either action will cost the player 5000 points.


  • It will not affect players who are down, although their Second Chance weapon will be replenished.
  • It appears on every map (excluding Dead Ops Arcade), along with Double Points, Insta-Kill and Nuke.
  • The other variant spawns randomly when the QED is thrown. It is a Max Ammo icon that is red. It takes ammo away from all players when a player or zombie touches it.
  • Max Ammo will replenish the Lightning Bolt power up's ammunition in Call of the Dead.
  • If a player hacks a Death Machine on Moon, the Max Ammo will have a blue glow rather than a green glow.


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