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"A former hitman, Antonov entered the military to reduce his sentence. Distrusted by his squad because of his criminal past, he finds himself assigned the duties no one else wants; bomb defusal and hazmat work."
— In-game biography

Maxim Antonov is an operator for the Warsaw Pact faction featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. He is playable in the Multiplayer and Zombies modes within Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, as well as in Call of Duty: Warzone. Antonov was released on May 11th, 2021 as part of the Tracer Pack: Antonov Operator Bundle.


Maxim Antonov was born in Leningrad[2] on October 1, 1948. At the age of 15, Antonov was a low level member of a street gang in Leningrad taking part in various extortion rackets. As the gang grew in stature, they began contracting their services to a local crime family, and by 1969, Antonov became a paid killer for the local mob.

In 1971, Antonov pleaded guilty to a murder committed by the boss's son during a drug deal. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and sent to the Petropavlovsk Gulag. Five years later, the gulag was attacked by Perseus to extract Vikhor Kuzmin. Antonov assisted the guards in repelling the attackers, saving many lives in the process. For his actions, and as a reward for his loyalty and silence, the Leningrad crime family used their influence over several corrupt officials to commute his life sentence to mandatory military service. Antonov was released in 1977.

After three years in the military, Antonov's commanding officer, impressed by his dedication and his physical prowess, put him forward to the Spetsnaz selection exam. While Antonov passed the selection, his criminal past created a distrust by his squad and allies within the Warsaw Pact. As such, Antonov was regularly assigned to tasks and duties no one else wanted, bomb defusal and hazmat work, which he carried out without complaint.



Name Rarity Image How to obtain
Meltdown Legendary Antonov Meltdown Skin.png Bundle Tracer Pack: Antonov Operator
Sickle Legendary Antonov Sickle Skin.png Bundle Mother Russia
Guardian Epic Antonov Guardian Skin.png Battle Pass Season Six Tier 90
Dry Brush Epic Antanov Dry Brush Skin.png Operator Mission
Granite Epic Antanov Granite Skin.png Operator Mission
Crusher Legendary Antanov Crusher Skin.png Bundle Split Personality
Slasher Legendary Antonov Slasher Skin.png Bundle Split Personality