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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

Maxis Potential is the main quest of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies map Firebase Z. It requires players to rescue Samantha Maxis from the Dark Aether. Note that all Aether Reactors must be turned on and the Reactorniy Avtomat-Izluchatel Kuhlklay-84 must be acquired to complete the quest.

Step 1

In the Atrium, the player must interact with Sergei Ravenov in order to begin the quest. After activating the Aether Reactors, the player must then interact with William Peck, and then return to Ravenov in the Atrium to acquire his ID Badge.

With the ID Badge, the player will need to acquire three Compounds necessary to create a truth serum. The first, Compound S16, will be in a locker at Equipment Storage. The next, Compound 36, will be at Engineering. Finally, Compound P65 will be at the Colonel's Office.

The player must then head to the Chemical Mixer at Field Hospital and interact with it to combine the Compounds and create the truth serum. Several Hellhounds will spawn that must be killed. After the Hellhounds are killed, the Chemical Mixer must once again be interacted with to transfer to the Gas Dispersal Device, allowing the player to obtain the Agent Deliver System. When heading to OPC, the Agent Delivery System can be attached to the Air Conditioner, dispersing the serum into Peck's room.

Step 2

Peck must be interacted with once again after a sequence to continue the quest. After interacting with Peck, the player must go to the Data Center and interact with the Memory Transference Station, unlocking it. There, four Essence Traps will be available for use, where one can be equipped to take up the tactical equipment slot.

After obtaining an Essence Trap, the map must be searched for Mimics disguised as loot on the ground. Once the Mimic reveals itself, the player will need to damage the Mimic until it is near death and throw an Essence Trap near the Mimic, activating it to trap the Mimic within the device. The player will then have three minutes to return the Essence Trap to the Memory Transference Station. Once the device is returned, a short narrative sequence will play from the perspective of an Omega Group member (either Sokolov, Brahms, or Zhabin). This process must be repeated until a Floppy Disk is dispensed from the station.

Step 3

At Planning Offices, there will be a Quantum Main Frame. The Floppy Disk acquired previously must be inserted into it, opening the door to OPC. The OPC can now be entered so that the player may spawn a dimensional breach. A PA system will state that stabilization is needed, requiring the player to need to interact with Peck once again. After another short sequence, Ravenov will provide a code to a locker left of Peck's office. Once the locker is interacted with and unlocked, the player will be able to pick up an Aethermeter.

Step 4

The player must then go to Scorched Defense and acquire a shovel in the left-side bunker. Three Aether Containers must then be dug up at three differing locations to collect the Aether Crystals inside. The first is at Open Lot, near the window to the Planning Offices. Once the container is dug up, multiple containers will spawn around the area, with only one of them being the correct container. The container without black particles is the correct one, and must be interacted with to collect the Aether Crystal (if an incorrect container is interacted with, Mimics will spawn and one must wait another round to try again). The second is near the end of Jungle Defense. Once the container is dug up, a dome will surround the player and enemies will begin to spawn. The player must survive until the dome closes to collect the Aether Crystal. The final container is at Barracks. Once the container near the Field Hospital is dug up, the container will fly to a nearby location, and will continue to do so when approached. The GP-6K2 on the RAI K-84 must be fired at the container to prevent it from moving, allowing the Aether Crystal to be collected. The crystals are then able to be inserted into each of the Aether Reactors.

Step 5

There will be a Computer at the Planning Offices that must be interacted with to realign the Satellite Dish. A marker must be positioned on top of each of the yellow dots on the screen to reveal information about satellites in the bottom-right of the screen. A Requiem-owned satellite must be located (indicated by a question mark), and then must be interacted with to confirm alignment. (At this point, the player(s) should have everything they need (Pack-a-punched weapons, equipment, perks etc.) before heading to the OPC to start the cinematic, as they cannot go back to Firebase Z, although there will be a Wunderfizz machine, ammo box, armory, and crafting table, but can easily get overwhelmed.) Once the player(s) have everything they need, the player can head back into OPC to start a cinematic of Samantha Maxis escaping the Dark Aether. After the cinematic ends, the player will be returned to the village where an Elder God will spawn as a boss fight. The quest will be completed upon the defeat of the Orda, and an ending cutscene will play.